Wendy's Allergen Menu

Published on: 27/10/2020 | Last Updated: 06/04/2021
Wendy's Allergen Menu

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    In the past, Wendy’s only cooked dairy-free items in their fryer, but this changed in January 2019. They launched three new hamburgers with an onion tangler topping that contains a milk allergen. 

According to Wendy’s, their buns are toasted in a common toaster with products that contain Egg, Milk, and Soy. Untoasted buns are available upon request. But according to Wendy’s, they still use common cutting boards for the meats.

The roasted nuts used on Wendy’s salads do contain lactose. You might be able to order some salads dairy-free without the nuts, cheese, and with a dairy-free dressing option.

    They also have potential cross-contamination issues with the hamburger patties (also used in the chili) due to cheeseburgers cooked on the same grill. That is why the Chili is confusingly labeled as “contains milk” according to their customer service – not because it contains any actual milk ingredients.
    Wendy’s no longer lists out their sauces online, but based on the packaging we’ve viewed, we believe these are the current dairy-free offerings. As always, check the ingredients in the store to verify.

The onion tanglers are finished in Wendy’s fryers and may introduce a milk allergen to other items that are fried in the same oil. This may include their French fries and all fried chicken menu items. It does not mean those items contain milk as an ingredient, but they now have potential cross-contamination risks.

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