Nutrition is the foundation of health and it is important to know which foods can improve it. In addition to the usual nutrition tips, new and less familiar recommendations are becoming more common. We are yet to learn what sprouts and fermented foods are good for and what macronutrients are ...



Germination is the process of seed growth. Sprouts provide all the nutritional benefits we can get from food. The most popular sprouts are those of grains such as quinoa, chia , and almonds. 
In order for the grains to germinate, it is necessary to leave them in water for some time. This leads to the separation of their outer layer, which allows the new sprouts to take a certain amount of starch from the grains. In this way the nutritional content of the food changes. 
As the amount of starch decreases, the levels of fiber and protein in the grains increase. Less starch also means less carbohydrates , which means that sprouted grains also have a lower glycemic index .
Sprouts have many other benefits, including increased levels of vitamins and minerals. 


They are macronutrients that are needed to provide energy to the body. These are fats, carbohydrates and proteins . By consuming adequate amounts of them in the diet, we are most likely to achieve the desired results in terms of fat loss , muscle gain or toning the body. 
The recommended ratio of macronutrients for a balanced diet is 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. 

Fermented foods

Fermentation is a process during which sugar is converted into alcohol. These foods, such as sauerkraut , contain healthy bacteria. Consumption has other health benefits, as they also contain vitamin K and probiotics
They are a much richer source of beneficial bacteria than food supplements. This not only improves digestion , but also strengthens the immune system.