The power of bread is in the grain, the whole grain. It hides all natural fibers, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that give irreplaceable energy and health!


Therefore, from time immemorial, people sing the bread and place it at the center of their table, feasts and rituals.


Today, the dynamic daily life makes us underestimate the role of food as an important part of complete care for the body, tone and mood. We eat on foot, we skip meals, we choose products that are made "in a minute".


And sooner or later this rhythm of life affects us.


To cope with the challenges of modern life on a daily basis, we need more than ever all the power locked in the nipple.


Wholemeal means wholeness - in diet and lifestyle. Only whole grains are the ones that give you the strength of the whole grain.

So you can enjoy and use the natural powers of all its components - natural fiber, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, antioxidants ...

Wholemeal means complete taste


To be not only healthy, but also happy! We must give ourselves the best in order to be energized and take the most out of the world around us. Whole grain, rye whole grain and multigrain to taste.


Vita bread is inspired by the philosophy of a full life.

Vita presents two series of wholemeal bread on the market, which naturally fit into this way of thinking. 

The Vita Balance series of breads combines all the useful qualities of whole grains with their incredible taste, softness and variety. Vita Balance breads are delicious, real wholemeal breads! They are made from 60% wholemeal flour, which is ground in its own stone mill.


Available in three flavors - whole wheat, whole grain rye and whole grain multigrain.


Whole grains mean health and beauty

When the body receives a balanced supply of all the substances it needs to function well, a healthy weight and elegant silhouette are a natural result.


Dietary breads from the "Vita Silhouette" series are a faithful ally in maintaining a beautiful figure, because they help us make dietary nutrition not only effective, but also healthy and enjoyable. 

"Vita Silhouette" "without white flour" are 100% wholemeal breads. In fact, "bread without white flour" means bread "full of grain."

It is created by a special technology that uses crushed wheat grains (wheat meal) and thus preserves all the components of the grain in the balanced balance of their time.


Gentle processing guarantees a higher nutritional value of this thicker wholemeal bread. "Vita Silhouette" is available in five varieties - classic, with wheat germ, with sprouts, six grains and rye.