Why You Shouldn't Store Tomatoes In The Refrigerator

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Why You Shouldn't Store Tomatoes In The Refrigerator

Who doesn't love fresh, juicy, sweet and sour tomatoes, which most often reminds us of a hot summer!

Who doesn't love fresh, juicy, sweet and sour tomatoes, which most often reminds us of a hot summer! Yes, all this is true until you put the tomato in the refrigerator, hoping to keep its freshness and taste. As a result, we do not feel either taste or freshness, and instead of a juicy fruit, we get a cold, tasteless, watery product. Why can't tomatoes be refrigerated? Let's understand the reasons.


What is a tomato? Juicy fruit, which combines acids, sugar, aromatic substances, herbaceousness. Of all the above, it is fragrant substances that are the most capricious in relation to temperature. Ask any gardener why growing tomatoes is worth it in a greenhouse or at home? And he will answer you, it's all about the temperature.

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In order for a tomato to be fragrant and you feel all the notes of taste, it needs to constantly release volatile aromatic substances, which are fully produced only at a constant elevated temperature. At low temperatures, for example, about 5 degrees, volatile aromatic substances are not released in a tomato, but already formed ones are destroyed, which, of course, greatly affects the taste of the product. As soon as a tomato enters a cold environment, the first thing we lose is its herbaceousness. It is she who gives the tomato a fresh, interesting taste. Then the form is lost, and the sugar and acid practically dissolve, leaving only water behind.

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That is why it is best to store tomatoes at room temperature, but if for some reason you still have to put it in the refrigerator, return it to a warm environment as soon as possible, and it may be possible to establish the release of volatile aromatic substances.

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It is important to know that this does not apply to already cooked dishes, tomato sauces, since after heat treatment there are no fragrant substances, and the tomato managed to give up all the juices, sugar, acids. It is worth considering the fact that many tomato-based sauces and dishes become tastier after they stand in the refrigerator, but this is not at all about the tomato and its components.

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