Whether to consume milk is one of the topics that most often raises controversy. In the views, arguments and research results.

Against whether milk is food for people, for adults, is the recently spread version that it is still preferable to consume whole milk over skim milk.


The results of a new study conducted by the American Brigham Young University leave us in doubt between the consumption of whole milk and low-fat . With the first, our body absorbs more vitamin D, calcium, other trace elements and useful fats, with the second - it turns out, not for fun, we can slow down the aging process.


What did the researchers find? In his study, Prof. Dr. Larry Tucker included 5,834 adults. He then compared the data between those who consumed low-fat milk for years and those who preferred 2% or whole milk, focusing on life expectancy. 


According to him, the difference in results between the two groups is so obvious that it is surprising. As a scientist, he focused not just on measuring age, but on measuring the length of telomeres, which shows the seriousness of the study and the conclusion. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes. They have the unpleasant feature that with each division of the cell they shorten their length. The shorter the telomere, the more our biological aging progresses. 


The professor found that each percentage of extra fat in milk has a negative effect on the length of telomeres and they are 69 pairs of bases shorter , more precisely between those who consume milk with 2% and 1% fat. This equates to 4.5 years less life. In those who consume whole milk, the telomeres are 145 pairs of bases shorter than those that emphasize skim. 


What is the general picture of the study? Half of the respondents, a total of 5,834 people , consumed milk daily. A quarter of them - once a week. Fans of whole milk were less than a third, another 30% preferred milk with 2% fat, 17% of all drank skim and 10% - milk with 1% fat. 13% of respondents did not consume cow's milk. 


The most interesting thing about this study is that the telomeres of people who do not consume milk were also shorter than those of low-fat milk!


According to Prof. Tucker, consuming milk from adults is not a bad idea, but the more accurate question is what milk is appropriate to drink. Obviously, this with 1% fat and skim are equivalent to the elixir of youth.


Scientists' suggestion of why whole milk "shortens" life expectancy is probably due to the damage to the body from the saturated fats it contains. It is known that they contribute to the oxidative stress of cells and the emergence of inflammatory processes in the body, as a result of which the telomeres of cells are depleted faster ...