12 Great New Year's Eve Salads For Those Looking For Fresh Ideas

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12 Great New Year's Eve Salads For Those Looking For Fresh Ideas

We usually prepare several salads for the New Year's table - hearty with mayonnaise, fresh with meat, favorite traditional.

We usually prepare several salads for the New Year's table - hearty with mayonnaise, fresh with meat, favorite traditional. Salads can be served in a salad bowl, bowls, tartlets and even in pita bread. We have collected 12 cool recipes for delicious salads that will definitely gobble up both cheeks. All of them will look great and savor the next day.

1. Salad "New Year's gift"


Any puff salad can be decorated with a "ribbon" of thinly sliced ​​long cucumber or boiled carrots. Use a vegetable peeler! Looks very impressive. Our salad with canned sardines, boiled eggs and white bread croutons. We season with mayonnaise. Step by step recipe here.

2. Salad "First snow" with chicken, nuts and grapes


Even if the snow does not fall outside, it will definitely be on your table! The combination of ingredients in the salad is just flying away: roasted walnuts, baked chicken, grated hard cheese, sweet and sour juicy grapes. We decorate the salad with snowflakes from strips of cheese. Prepare a salad according to this recipe with a photo.

3. Salad "Winter Berry"


You can make this salad in minutes! You don’t have to boil anything in advance, the ingredients are available: sausage, tomatoes, cheese, olives. We spread the salad in the form of strawberries, decorating with cherry halves and parsley. Juicy, simple, satisfying. Get the recipe.

4. "Olivier" with chicken and apple


Where without "Olivier"? But this year, cook it with boiled chicken and apple cubes. The rest of the ingredients are classic. The salad turns out incredibly tender, it is simply impossible to stop eating! You can prepare a huge bowl of salad in advance, and before the feast, just season the salad with the portion that will definitely be eaten! Here is how to cook "Olivier" with chicken.

5. Salad "Winter Sun"


A variant of the salad without meat and poultry. In the composition - fried mushrooms, carrots, onions, boiled eggs, apple, garlic. Incredibly delicious! We decorate the salad with any fresh or frozen herbs and carrots. Step by step recipe with photos here. 

6. Salad "Snowflake" with chicken


The composition of the salad includes fresh cucumber, chicken, eggs, boiled rice, onion, cheese. Very satisfying! After dancing and strong drinks, it will fly away instantly! Carrot snowflakes are best cut with a plunger. By the way, a great gift for yourself or a friend. Look for the recipe here.

7. Salad with meat, pomegranate and walnuts


Appetizing salad with boiled lamb! There are also walnuts, pomegranate seeds, pickles, dressing - mayonnaise. Oriental accent on your table. All you have to do is boil the meat. Instead of lamb, you can use beef or veal. The salad recipe is here.

8. Salad "Caprice" with ham and prunes


Boil a hard-boiled egg, and everything else you just need to chop. You will need chicken or pork ham, hard cheese, a handful of steamed prunes, fresh cucumber. Layering the salad will be mayonnaise. Step-by-step instructions for cooking salad "Caprice" >>>

9. Salad with tongue "Winter"


Boiled tongue combined with mayonnaise and garlic is always a win-win. For freshness, add cucumber to the salad. The secret ingredient of the sauce can be a spoonful of hot mustard or horseradish. The saliva is already flowing! See the detailed recipe here.

10. Salad "Christmas hat"


It will take only a few minutes to decorate the salad, but the salad will look super festive! The ingredients are unusual - sprats, boiled potatoes and beets. Here we add boiled eggs and some walnuts. Prepare a new salad according to this recipe.

11. Salad for the New Year "Tenderness"


Finally, we present a couple of festive salads with crab sticks.

The taste of "Tenderness" salad is one hundred percent true to its name. Boiled carrots, boiled eggs, chopped crab sticks, hard cheese are laid out in layers, which are layered with mayonnaise. We will decorate the composition with fresh cucumber rings, which will bring a touch of freshness. Here is the step by step recipe with pictures.

12. Salad with crab sticks with sour cream


Bright and light salad of crab sticks, boiled egg, canned corn and fresh cucumber. You can fill it with mayonnaise, or you can make it lighter and mix it with low-fat sour cream. Try! Here is the recipe.

Excellent, rich in impressions and gifts of holidays!

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