Published at: 01/07/2018

In this article I will talk about popular combinations of foods that we consume on a regular basis and don't know that they can cause gastrointestinal spasms.

Of course, the stomach is extremely durable and very often we don't feel difficulty in digestion, but if you have gastrointestinal complaints is good to think about how to combine foods.

Here are some of the most popular combinations that are worth avoiding:

Fruit with a dish or fruit for dessert

We've been through so that the fruit must be adopted separately. The fruits are not suitable for desserts, especially since just before they're eaten with heavy foods such as meat, nuts or dairy products. This is explained by the fact that digestible foods such as meat is processed extremely slowly from the human body, and with that commitment remain fruit too long before being broken down by stomach acid. As you know, stomach food processed in the order in which they were adopted.

Tomatoes and carbohydrate foods

Tomatoes are a sour fruit and can cause problems when combined with carbohydrate foods like rice or sweet potatoes. Experts explain the frequent fatigue after eating exactly this combination.

Examples: tomatoes with rice, tomatoes, potatoes, tomatoes and bread

The combination of dairy products with other foods is discouraged

Dairy foods may cause constipation, diarrhea or aggravate allergic symptoms, especially if you are from people with lactose intolerance. In scenario they combined with fruit, the negative reaction of the organism will be exacerbated.

Examples: yogurt with Granola, yoghurt with honey, yogurt with fruit

Breakfast cereal with milk

This combination is widespread among dieters, but also cereals, and milk contain rapidly degradable carbohydrates that stress the body and cause an increase in blood sugar, resulting in fatigue.

Wine and dessert

Have you tried? Alcohol affects your blood sugar levels and increases the production of insulin, so large quantities of sugars in desserts will remain in the body as fat. You know what that means (fat alert)?

Pasta with fried potatoes

Burgers, burritos, pizzas? A lot of fat, preservatives and chemical substances thatform the reaction with French fries (chips), forming the so-called cytokines, which are believed to accelerate the aging process.

Proteins with a protein

Animal proteins require lots of energy to be processed. When you combine several types of organism, wear out and confused.

Examples: Bacon and eggs, nuts and yogurt, seafood and meat

Proteins with a carbohydrate

This combination slows digestion, especially when talking about large numbers.

Examples: nuts with cereals, eggs, bread, cheese and potatoes

Carbohydrates and sugars

Do not combine sweet products such as jams, butter, sugar, honey and syrups with bread, cereals or potatoes. Sugar, in combination with cereals, causing fermentation.


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