Sport not only shapes the figure and makes it more attractive. Physical activity improves metabolic processes in the body and maintains good health for a long time. Moderate sports delay the onset of degenerative processes in the body that normally occur with aging, such as back and lower back pain or spondylosis, and protect against others that are "unlocked" by a sedentary lifestyle such as metabolic syndrome or stress ...
Sports, except that takes care of maintaining the muscles of the body, activates the immune system, making the body more resistant to environmental influences. Improves blood circulation to the level of peripheral blood vessels that supply the skin, which contributes to a fresh and more beautiful appearance.
Motor activity creates new and stronger connections between neurons, which acts as a protective factor against pathological changes in brain activity and keeps the mind alert.
There are several sports that, according to experts, protect against early brain disorders due to age.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a type of gymnastics created thousands of years ago in China. The exercises aim to maintain the body and mind by moving the energy flows in the body. Gymnastics allows to overcome the chronic blockage of energy, which according to traditional Chinese medicine causes diseases. Tai Chi is a set of exercises that achieve stretching of the muscles through smooth, seemingly even dancing to the bystander movements. When performing them, precise rules and breathing techniques are followed. The ability to concentrate is an important element in tai chi.
The benefits of gymnastics are the improvement of blood circulation and the activity of the respiratory system. It has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and metabolic processes. Constant practice of tai chi prevents low back pain and affects memory and mental processes.

Chi Kung
Do you know that the Chinese suffer the least from Alzheimer's disease, dementia and neurogenerative diseases ?! According to fitness centers in China, more than 100 million people practice qi kung every day. According to them, the above positive statistics are due to the mass fascination with chi kung.
Chi kung is a special breathing gymnastics that is performed in certain poses, in which the legs always remain pressed to the ground. As the activities are not physically demanding, qi kung is suitable even for weaker individuals and adults. The first results are felt after a month of regular exercise, with a minimum of twice a week.
Chi kung helps to improve the flexibility of the body and teaches to achieve muscle relaxation. Strengthens muscles and joints. Improves the ability to concentrate. 

There are many types of yoga. Master Choa Kok Sui's exercises are specially selected to improve brain function, memory and emotion control. According to the author, this type of yoga, popular as superbrain yoga, activates neurons.
In order for the activities to have an effect, a qualified instructor and a suitable environment are required. The result is observed after two or three months of practicing super brain yoga.
Yoga reduces anxiety and stress. The method is effective against chronic headaches and to balance the appetite.