5 Sweet (and Not So) Rolls For March 8

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5 Sweet (and Not So) Rolls For March 8

The holiday of March 8 is a great occasion to receive / give long-awaited gifts, as well as a delicious dinner with your closest people.

The holiday of March 8 is a great occasion to receive / give long-awaited gifts, as well as a delicious dinner with your closest people. If you don’t want to “bother” with complex desserts, and meat and cheese cuts paired with canapes have long been bored, try making rolls. Sweet ones can easily replace cakes and pastries, and hearty ones (meat, vegetables, cheese, etc.) will turn into festive snacks.

Get your pen and paper ready, it's time to memorize cool roll ideas!


1. "Sweet kiss"

A delicious tender biscuit combined with boiled condensed milk is suitable for those who love simple pastries. Decorate it with berries and fruits - and the dessert is ready for a festive tea party! If you are not a fan of super-sweet flavors, reduce the amount of sugar in the dough or dilute the cream with butter or sour berries. As a decoration, the roll can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, pour over icing or melted chocolate.

Recipe for "Sweet Kiss" roll >>>


2. Chocolate Coconut Roll

Another option for a simple roll for sweets who are afraid are not fans of complex baking recipes. Spoiler: this roll does not need to be baked at all! It is based on a cookie crumb, so all you need to do is mix the ingredients in the right order and wait until the roll hardens in the refrigerator. 

Chocolate Coconut Roll Recipe >>>


3. Pumpkin roll

This pumpkin roll recipe is dedicated to all lovers of the gourd family. Delicate pumpkin biscuit with cream cheese cream makes you fall in love with yourself from the first bite! If you want to see it on your holiday table, take care of the pumpkin puree in advance: bake or boil the pumpkin pulp, and then puree it with a blender. Note to sloths: if you are reluctant to cook a pumpkin, go in search of a ready-made one in the nearest supermarket.

Pumpkin Roll Recipe >>>


4. Chicken roll in jelly

Let's move on to savory rolls! Festive snacks are a delicate matter. You always want to cook something like that, but universal. Chicken roll in pomegranate jelly is just one of those dishes. The recipe calls for fresh pomegranate juice. It is easy to prepare: you need to crush the pomegranate strongly with your hands on all sides, then make a hole and squeeze out the juice. One large pomegranate can contain up to 300 ml of juice! If there is no fresh pomegranate, don't be discouraged: you can always buy a bag of juice and make jelly out of it. 

Recipe for chicken roll in jelly >>>


5. Roll with beets, cheese and spinach

This is another variation of the savory snack roll. If you don't like to "fuss" at the stove for a long time, buy a pack of puff pastry - and go! But for starters, we still recommend trying to cook this vegetable strudel according to the original recipe. In this roll, not the most familiar combination of spinach, beets and cheese is simply incomparable.  

Beetroot, Cheese and Spinach Roll Recipe >>>


Have a delicious holiday!

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