Baking For Sweet Tooth With Fresh Jam: 5 Simple Recipes

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Baking For Sweet Tooth With Fresh Jam: 5 Simple Recipes

In this article, learn more about Baking For Sweet Tooth With Fresh Jam: 5 Simple Recipes. From the middle of summer, almost every kitchen turns into a mini jam factory..

From the middle of summer, almost every kitchen turns into a mini jam factory. What does not fit in jars is usually used for pancakes or baguette sandwiches. But we offer the best option for using the leftovers of freshly brewed jam! We will bake pies, shortbread cookies, cook cottage cheese dessert and sculpt roses! 

1. Curd dessert with marshmallows and jam


To the morning portion of cottage cheese with jam, add melted marshmallows and berries! It will turn out a fantastic breakfast - bright and very tasty!

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2. "Sandboxes" with jam


Shortcrust pastry with jam and/or berries with an unusual shape. Looks impressive, tastes amazing! Instead of the berries and honey stated in the recipe, use any jam. It will take only half an hour to actively prepare. Another 30 minutes in the oven and the cookies are ready!

Step-by-step recipe for making "sandboxes" with blueberries >>>

3. Crostata with cottage cheese and jam


From flour, eggs, cottage cheese and jam, you can make a great crostata and serve it for the holiday! Replace the pie crust with patterned stripes or shapes cut out with pastry cutters. Cottage cheese in crostat evens out the taste of sweet jam, and the dough just melts in your mouth. The beauty!

Step-by-step recipe for making crostata with cottage cheese and jam >>> 

4. Pie with jam and apples


Let's build such a sweet tower in a baking dish: a layer of dough, jam, tender curd mass and apples on top. Bake in the oven and serve for dinner under the guise of an original cottage cheese casserole or for a birthday party. Sweet jam, tender cottage cheese with sourness and the freshness of apples. Excellent!

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5. Roses from apples with jam


Lubricate the strips of puff pastry with jam, then “glue” thin slices of apples along the entire length of the strip. Roll up and bake in a muffin tin for about half an hour. The beauty and aroma is mesmerizing, and the taste is simply amazing! Let's see the recipe!

Here you will find a recipe for making roses from apples with jam >>>

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