Published at: 15/07/2018

This article will become a word for food which have to consume in diabetes. It will also discuss the harmful foods and habits to build, when we have this disease.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the insulin action is impaired, also known as insulin resistance.

Diabetes is considered an autoimmune problem in which lymphocytes attack the beta cells and destroy them


Hyperglycemia is another name of diabetes

The rise in blood glucose due to poor quality or quantity of insulin in the body is still known as hyperglycemia. After a meal blood sugar (glucose) levels increase and stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin. Inherently insulin is the hormone that lowers blood sugar.


Diabetes have several „faces“

First type of diabetes – in it cells producing insulin in the pancreas are destroyed. Therefore, treatment is mainly with insulin doses. This type occurs more often in people with a genetic predisposition, usually in young people.

Diabetes of the second type is characterized by insulin resistance – i.e., the action of insulin is impaired or is increased, or decreased. It occurs mainly in people over 40 years old. The experts reached the conclusion that obesity plays a big role in the development of the diabetes. It should be borne in mind that as the disease is likely to progress to the first type.

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. In most cases blood sugar back to normal after delivery.



Dry mouth, incessant thirst, frequent urination and weight loss for no apparent reason and vision problems – these are the most common complaints from patients who have diabetes. In the first type, the disease develops very quickly, while the second type symptoms is poorly expressed until the final deterioration of the patient after weeks, months, and sometimes years.

Difficult healingwounds and itching in the genital area may also refer to diabetes.


There are people who do not know that living with diabetes

Most often they suffer from diabetes, but due to the soft symptoms do not pay attention. Find out about their disease until it is well advanced.

Don't despair, there are many people with diabetes, but live fully

Maybe you will be surprised, but it is believed that over 350 million people of the world's population suffer from various forms of diabetes.


What will happen if you don't get treated?

If you miss a dose of insulin or stop the drugs that are prescribed, the risk of losses or injures and other organs and systems. In fact, diabetes could cause a number of diseases as the most common are – visual problems, cardiovascular injuries and other.


The risk factors are trivial

Smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, maintain high levels of cholesterol are just some of the reasons that contribute to the development of diabetes, even more when you have family predisposed to it.

The increase in fat in the diet is a factor for the development of diabetes.

This statement is officially recognised. In addition to fat, and acid-formingfoods are among the most risky

The diet is an essential part of keeping the illness without complications

Eat legumes

They are useful because they're charging the body with energy for a long time, and that contain carbohydrates are absorbed slowly. This limits the possibility for large fluctuations in blood sugar. Also, legumes reduce cholesterol levels. Contain calcium. Leguminous crops are a great source of vegetable protein, which strengthen cardiovascular health.


Lower-fat milk products are your friend

With its high content of  calcium and vitamin D, dairy products are extremely helpful in diabetes or prediabetno condition. Such foods are yogurt, white cheese and cottage cheese. Avoid high-fat dairy products. Milk is also not recommended.


The fish is recommended in diabetes

Containing omega-3 fatty acids, fish is protecting us from bad cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin D. It is necessary to clear the fat before it is consumed. It is not advisable to go overboard with deep-sea fish, because of the mercury content. In this group enter the tuna. Salmon was useful, but when fats are separated...

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