The need for regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain health is constantly emphasized by nutrition experts , but it seems that no attention is paid to the type in which we consume them, and it is important. 
Red peppers and cabbage, for example, can be eaten raw or cooked. And here's how they are most useful ...

Red peppers

These vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin C . It is almost twice as much as the amount of vitamin in oranges. 
It is important to know that this vitamin is unstable at high temperatures, which means that cooking peppers can reduce its amount in them. A snack that includes raw red peppers can be a great way to boost levels of the valuable antioxidant


Cabbage is most useful when consumed cooked, and it is important not to remove the outermost and darkest leaves, as they have the highest amount of vitamin C. The useful beta-carotene and the yellow carotenoid lutein can also be found in vegetables
Regular lutein intake is associated with a reduced risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. One serving of cabbage - about 95 g, provides 56 mg of calcium , which is vital for bone and dental health. To clarify, the required daily amount of the mineral is 800 mg. 
In the cabbage can be found more and isothiocyanates - compounds containing sulfur, which, according to studies may be useful in the prevention of the development of cancer .