We need calcium for healthy bones and more. For this purpose, the consumption of milk and dairy products is recommended from childhood, it is no coincidence that from 7 months of age the cheese preparation is introduced into the diet . It is desirable to provide cheese on the table daily and eat a quantity of at least the size of two matchboxes.

But what are the other sources of calcium, especially if for some reason we avoid consuming milk? Nutritionists list several products in this group. These are organic tofu, sardines, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, turnips and sesame. These foods are especially recommended for people at increased risk of osteoporosis and diseases that require a mineral balance that is helpful to provide from natural sources in the diet.

Why is the consumption of certain products preferable to food supplements? The body is a super-complex system in which simply feeding an element would not lead to the desired effect. In this case, to ensure good bone health, the body needs not only calcium, but also the compounds that accompany the metabolic processes in which it participates. That is, bone metabolism needs, in addition to calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, silicon and vanadium and some useful fatty acids .

For example, green leafy vegetables, in addition to a good source of calcium, also provide vitamin K and magnesium, and sardines are rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids , known for their anti-inflammatory action.


Algae are a good source of silicon and vanadium . And while a supplement containing only calcium makes it pointless to take it when there is a clear need for a complex action of several substances, the intake of algae in the form of a food supplement or as an exotic food supplement can only benefit the bones and beauty.