Cooking Vegetable Pancakes (super Easy Recipes!)

Published on: 23/06/2022 | Last Updated: 23/06/2022
Cooking Vegetable Pancakes (super Easy Recipes!)

Vegetable pancakes are a simple dish with a lot of advantages. First, the dish is easy and quick to prepare. Secondly, vegetable pancakes are a very economical option.

Vegetable pancakes are a simple dish with a lot of advantages. First, the dish is easy and quick to prepare. Secondly, vegetable pancakes are a very economical option. Thirdly, vegetable pancakes are a low-calorie dish (of course, serve then with low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream).

By the way, pancakes can be served not only as a side dish, but also as an independent dish for a light dinner or hearty breakfast! We will offer you several options for pancakes from different vegetables. Bonus - mushroom pancakes!

1. Zucchini pancakes



zucchini (preferably young or mature without seeds) - 250 g; eggs - 3 pcs.; garlic - a clove; flour - 2 tbsp. l.; dill, parsley, salt and pepper - to taste; vegetable oil for frying; sour cream for serving.

How to cook zucchini pancakes? Yes, very easy! First, beat the eggs with a fork and add chopped garlic and herbs to them - chop these products finely.

Let's take care of the zucchini - it must be washed, dried well and grated on a coarse grater. This is if the zucchini is young. If the zucchini is large and mature, then it is necessary to cut off the peel, because it is too hard and tough. Then grate the vegetable on a coarse grater. Add the grated zucchini to the egg mixture and stir. Then add flour and mix again. The pancake mix is ​​ready!

Now heat up the frying pan and fry pancakes in a small amount of oil. Put the mass on the pan with a tablespoon. Fry on both sides for 2 minutes. Then cover with a lid and let brown for another 3-4 minutes. Ready! We remove the pancakes from the pan. To glass excess oil, you can spread them on a dry paper towel. Serve with sour cream and herbs.

2. Cauliflower fritters


What you need:

cauliflower - a head of cabbage (~ 1 kg); eggs - 2 pcs.; mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. l.; flour - 3 tbsp. l. (with a slide); salt to taste; sunflower oil (for frying); sour cream for serving.

Almost all vegetable pancakes are prepared in almost the same way. With cauliflower, there is, however, a slight difference.

First, wash the cabbage and disassemble it into small inflorescences. Let it soak in salted cold water for an hour. Do not leave large inflorescences - you need literally the size of a cherry.

After an hour, dry the cabbage thoroughly, you can wipe it. Finely chop with a knife - a blender is not good. Cabbage should not be a shapeless porridge.

Add the remaining ingredients to the cabbage - eggs, flour, mayonnaise, a little baking powder (on the tip of a knife) and salt to taste. Mix everything thoroughly so that all the cabbage cubes are saturated with the egg mixture.

Let's start frying pancakes. Put the cakes in a heated pan with butter with a spoon and fry until golden brown on both sides. Ready!

3. Pumpkin fritters



pumpkin - 500 g; kefir - 1 glass; flour - 1.5-2 cups; eggs - 2 pcs.; soda - 1/2 tsp; salt - 1/2 tsp; sugar - 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking pumpkin pancakes is no different from zucchini. First, wash the pumpkin, dry it and clean it from seeds and peel. If the pumpkin is young and its skin is soft, you can not peel it. Grate the required amount on a fine grater.

In a bowl, knead the mixture - first mix kefir with eggs, and then add bulk ingredients - flour, soda, salt and sugar. Mix everything thoroughly.

If the pumpkin has released too much juice, you can squeeze it out a little with your hands. Add the mixture to the pumpkin (or vice versa) and mix everything again. It is important that the pumpkin is soaked in the mixture.

Now it's time to fry the pancakes. And again - in a preheated pan with vegetable oil on both sides for several minutes - until golden brown. Pumpkin pancakes are delicious served with sour cream.

4. Carrot pancakes with cheese


Very bright, juicy and tasty pancakes are obtained!


egg; sour cream - 3 tbsp. l.; carrot; yellow cheese - 100 g; flour - 3 tbsp. l.; salt pepper.

Let's start by beating the eggs. Then add sour cream, salt and pepper to it - beat everything thoroughly again, you can even up to a small egg foam to make the pancakes lush. Let's leave the mass.

Wash the carrots, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Grate carrots and cheese. Also on a large grater. Let's mix.

Add grated carrots and cheese to the egg mixture, add flour - mix well so that flour lumps do not form.

Let the dough stand - not for long, 15-20 minutes. Now we will fry the pancakes - as always, in oil, under the lid, for several minutes. Make sure the cheese is completely melted - this is a sure sign of readiness. Turn the pancakes over and fry them on the other side. Ready! Serve delicious with sour cream. If the cheese seems a little, you can grate a little more on the pancakes during the cooking process, this cheese will also melt and you will get a delicious cheese crust on top. You can turn the pancakes crust down and press with a spatula to the pan - so that the crust is baked and does not "run away".

5. Pancakes from mushrooms


Yes, and there are mushroom pancakes! Very, by the way, gentle turn out.


mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, champignons) - 150 g; bulb; eggs - 3 pcs.; sour cream - 1 tbsp. l.; salt, pepper to taste; flour - how much it will take, so that the mixture turns out like thick sour cream.

First, chop the mushrooms (finely enough, you can use cubes) and fry them with onions in the most usual way. Leave to cool - hot mushrooms can not be used further, the eggs can boil.

Beat eggs, add sour cream, mix. Pour the mixture over the cooled mushrooms. Salt and pepper to taste, add flour and mix well again.

We will fry in oil in a hot pan. Spread with a spoon, like any other pancakes. Fry for a short time - 2-3 minutes on each side. The main thing is that the “dough” grabs - our mushrooms are already fried. Bon appetit!

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