As experts do not stop reminding - in order to enjoy the optimal effect of training, the diet is extremely important . For exercise in the gym, the body needs the right "fuel". What are the foods that should be avoided before heading to the hall or stadium? 

Green leafy vegetables

It is an indisputable fact that a diet rich in vegetables is valuable for the health of the body. It is important to keep in mind that eating green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli can cause discomfort during exercise
Due to their high fiber content , these vegetables are almost guaranteed to cause flatulence and bloating. 

Energy drinks 

The truth is that most of these drinks offer few nutrients such as vitamins and electrolytes, at the expense of high sugar content
Instead, it is advisable to choose low-sodium tomato juice, which provides potassium and promotes healthy blood pressure levels

Hummus and cereals

These foods are a great source of protein, but packaged foods contain a lot of added fat and their consumption increases the risk of mold. This can lead to the development of inflammatory processes and reduced oxygen consumption

Wholemeal bread and muffins

The wholemeal version of all pasta is recommended in all cases, except before training. Carbohydrates generally lead to water retention and bloating
They provide energy because they are sugars, but the side effects far outweigh the benefits. Instead, it is advisable to choose a white bread that contains less fiber . For an extra energy boost, we can dip it in peanut butter and consume with a sliced ​​banana.