Published at: 25/09/2018

In this article I’ll tell you important facts about foods during pregnancy.


In order for the fetus and the organism of the pregnant woman to be developing properly the necessary for their maintenance nutrients should be delivered. The food regimen of the future mother should be well balanced. It should provide diverse foods and healthy ratio between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

It is reasonable for the calorie intake of the pregnant woman to be increased but not doubled – 500 calories more are enough and day can be spread during the day by adding additional 100 kcal to the regular main means and three intermediate breakfasts consisting of fruits or dairy products.

Eating should be approximately on equal intervals in order for the blood sugar level to be kept stable and to prevent the depletion of the resources of the organism, the unwanted hunger and the cravings which are risky during pregnancy.

Rarely is the restriction of the consummation of certain foods necessary. Of course such are needed in the future mother has diabetes or another disease which is related to the food regimen. Although, there are some foods which is recommended to not be taken by the pregnant mother for they sometimes are a big hazard for the health of the fetus.

Products to be avoided during pregnancy:

(1) Raw meat delicacies. Their consumption should be avoided because of the risk of swallowing harmful microorganisms which are frequently found in the raw meat – coliform bacteria, toxoplasma, salmonella, etc. The meat should be consumed only after being put through quality heat processing at high temperature till fully cooked for this destroys the microbes.

(2) Smoked, dried meat delicacies and sausages. In them some of the mentioned above dangerous microorganisms can be found. Besides, those products can be contaminated with listeria. This bacterium is particularly dangerous for the pregnancy – it passes through the placenta and may lead to infection or poisoning of the blood of the fetus. It a known reason for miscarriage.

(3) Some types of fish. Fish may contain mercury and it is toxic. Even in small amounts it can cause anomalies in the development and brain damage in the fetus. Dangerous for the pregnancy are the: shark, swordfish, royal mackerel and other types of sea products including tuna.
The consumption of fish from industrially polluted sea areas, lakes and rivers should also be avoided due to the probability that their meat may contain polychlorinated biphenyls. This is true about the fish caught during fishing for fun. The offered in the shops fish should have gone through the appropriate checks and excludes the content of harmful substances. The dangerous types may be: carp, skip jack, salmon, pike, trout, etc.

(4) Sea delicacies. The raw or smoked mussels, oysters, shrimps and crabs carry the same risk of contamination with harmful substances as the raw and smoked meat.

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