Healthy Eating For Runners

Published on: 02/12/2021 | Last Updated: 25/01/2022
Healthy Eating For Runners

Valuable tips for healthy eating for runners, which does not allow you to gain weight, but at the same time to be charged with energy for running + the best foods for this sport

Just mention to a friend that you love running and when it comes to eating, you will surely be greeted with some form of "Oh, you're lucky you can eat whatever you want and still not gain weight." This conclusion is not entirely true, and if you've been doing sports long enough, you know for sure. Not only can you not eat what you want, but you also start gaining weight very easily when you don't choose your food properly. So, what can runners do to feel good while running, while taking care not to gain extra pounds when the temptations of the table are around? Surely you know the phrase "abdominal press is done in the kitchen", which we all know is true. And if you want to look and feel like an athlete,

Tips for healthy eating for runners

Tip №1: Have breakfast

Many people who are less familiar with the specifics of nutrition believe that if they do not eat breakfast, it shortens the time during the day when they have the opportunity to overeat and thus will take in fewer calories. This sounds good at first glance, but there is one problem - Once you have not eaten anything in the morning, your hunger becomes greater and you will have to test the strength of your will so as not to pounce on the first food that comes before your eyes, no matter what it is. There is something else, breakfast starts the metabolism so that your body can function the way it was created to do it. Even if you follow a marathon training schedule that requires you to start early in the day, you can boost your metabolism with a snack. If you eat more breakfast, you will have more energy for the upcoming loads. Studies show that those who eat normally in the morning are hungry in the late afternoon, and their dinner is much smaller. If you don't have breakfast, most people can't wait to get up around 12 noon and eat a lot more food, and then their dinner is quite plentiful and the de facto caloric intake of the day exceeds that of people who make 3 normal meals.

Tip №2: Shop over the weekend for the whole next week

If you don't have time to prepare breakfast, you can go shopping for the whole week on the weekend and prepare the food the night before. It is good to load your refrigerator with fresh vegetables, so you will have food rich in vitamins.

Tip №3: Cooking

In case you come home tired from work and cooking is the last thing you think about in the evening, a good option is to prepare the food for the week on the weekend, you can even divide it into boxes for your individual meals during the week and so your problems become one less.

How to prepare food when you are a runner and you want it to be healthier? Of course, vegetables can be raw or baked or grilled, until slightly softened. You can bake the chicken breasts in a slow oven, so you will leave them more juicy and tender, and you will be able to consume them throughout the week.

Tip №4: When eating out, avoid the following forbidden words

Eating out there are some risks, because you do not know how the dishes are prepared, but you often have to "risk" to get the necessary fuel for your body. However, there is a way to save yourself from harmful or not so useful food for you by avoiding some words related to it. Such words are, for example:

  • Breaded

  • Crispy

  • Carbonara

  • Glaze

  • Fried

  • Smoked

  • With a golden crust

Tip №5: Do not impose a "ban" on food

It is certainly very difficult when you impose a ban on any food. In most cases, you start thinking only about it and when your psyche can't stand it, you try it and then you can't stop eating from it. Everyone has such a moment, so do not deprive yourself of anything. Just when you feel like eating something, consume it in smaller quantities without putting your will to the test.

So, after giving you some tips, we will now tell you what are the best foods for runners to recharge your batteries for your workouts without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

The most recommended foods for runners

Getting the right foods at the right time can significantly improve your running. Plus, they will reduce the risk of injury. So, the best foods that must be present in the menu of every runner are:


If you need a high-carb food for energy before your afternoon run, you can't go wrong with bananas. This fruit also contains a healthy dose of potassium (about 400 mg). This is especially important for long-distance running or on hot days when sweating is heavier and you lose a lot of valuable minerals. Potassium largely compensates for this loss and at the same time lowers your blood pressure.

Oat flakes

They are the perfect breakfast for runners. They provide a lot of carbohydrates and are rich in fiber. They have a low glycemic index and this means that they cause your blood sugar level to drop slowly, provide energy for a long period of time and satiate you. It is very important for runners to get at least 50% of their total energy from carbohydrates and oatmeal is the right choice for this.

Peanut butter

Pure peanut butter is a good source of vitamin E, which is probably the best antioxidant among vitamins. Although peanuts are high in fat, which makes them less low in calories, they are mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and help lower blood cholesterol. In addition, they are important for strengthening the immune system, speeding up recovery and preventing injuries. Peanut butter also contains large amounts of protein, which helps muscles grow, making it an important part of a runner's diet. Try peanut butter on a toasted whole grain slice and sliced ​​bananas on it, it will surely become your favorite food. You can also replace bananas with apple slices.


This vegetable is full of vitamin C, which is a great choice for runners because it helps reduce muscle inflammation after intense workouts. In addition, broccoli is a rich source of folic acid, calcium and vitamin K, which strengthens bones. You can combine broccoli with tofu, salmon or beef.


It is the perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins. It contains a high percentage of essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize and is obtained only from food. Consumed immediately after running, yogurt can accelerate muscle recovery, and calcium in it strengthens bones. An additional benefit of yogurt is that it contains lactic acid bacteria, which is a natural probiotic that stimulates the intestinal flora and boosts immunity. That is why it is important to consume it often, not only by runners, but by everyone who wants to enjoy good health.

Black chocolate

As runners, you have the right to be pampered from time to time. Dark chocolate, with at least 70% cocoa, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, the flavanols in it help reduce inflammation.

Wholemeal pasta

It is no coincidence that many marathoners prefer to have pasta dinner the day before the race. This food is rich in carbohydrates and replenishes glycogen, which is the fuel for muscles. Wholemeal is better because it will saturate you for a longer time and contains B vitamins. They are important for building muscle and will improve your endurance. The paste can be prepared by adding tuna and tomato sauce.

A cafe

A cup of coffee can boost your workout, especially if it is more intense. Caffeine helps you run faster, but it's important not to add sugar or cream.


Like bananas, they are a valuable source of potassium, which makes them very valuable for every runner's diet. In 100 grams of them there are 2/3 less calories than the same amount of white rice. Combine them with white chicken, salmon or eggs and you will ensure better recovery in a healthy way. Sweet potatoes, in turn, cover the daily needs of vitamin A. This vitamin is a good antioxidant, improves vision, strengthens bone tissue and increases immunity.

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