How To Beat Egg Whites

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How To Beat Egg Whites

If you don’t know how to beat whites into a thick foam, it’s better to use the recipe with a photo, try to do it step by step with us.


How to beat a protein into a thick foam correctly

The quality of the dishes in which they are included depends on how well the egg whites are whipped. This is perhaps an even more capricious whipping product than cream. In order to prepare a thick protein foam with a mixer or manually, you need to follow a few rules.

How to beat whites into a thick foam

Get a thick foam or, as they often say, beat them to "steady peaks", a few secrets will help:

Proteins should not be beaten in an aluminum bowl, otherwise they will become gray.

The container must be perfectly clean and completely dry. Even because of a drop of fat, the foam may not work.

You need to separate the yolks so that they do not blur and do not get to the proteins.

You can't whip whites with a blender! To do this, you need to use a mixer with a frame nozzle.

Thick foam is easier to get from chilled proteins.

Only fresh eggs are suitable for beating.

Before whipping, add a pinch of salt to the proteins.

Large bubbles mean that the proteins are not beaten enough, and small bubbles that they are whipped too much.

If you don’t know how to beat whites into a thick foam, it’s better to use the recipe with a photo, try to do it step by step with us.

Recipes with chicken protein ingredient

Recipes with chicken eggs

Option 1
Option 2
  • Chicken proteins
We will need:
  • Mixer
  • Bowl

How to beat squirrels with a mixer step by step instructions with a photo

Step 1


For work, we need proteins - 4 pieces, a small piece of lemon, a bowl, a mixer.

Step 2


Wash and dry whisks and bowl very thoroughly. Wipe the bowl and beaters with a slice of lemon for final degreasing.

Step 3


Place the cooled proteins in a bowl and beat at low speed mixer for 2 minutes.

Step 4


Increase mixer speed and beat for 1 more minute.

Step 5


Increase the speed to the highest and beat until the desired consistency. If you will mix the proteins in the dough, mousse or soufflé, then beat until soft peaks. This means that peaks of whipped proteins will reach for the whisk, and then gently subside.

Step 6


If we need to beat the whites for meringue or meringue, then we must continue to beat the whites until hard peaks. This means that the peaks will stand firmly and not fall. After that, if necessary, gradually (literally 1-2 teaspoons) introduce sugar into the proteins, constantly whisking.

  • chicken eggs
We will need:
  • Blender
  • Ladle

How to beat squirrels with a blender step by step instructions with a photo

Step 1


To work, we need a blender with a submersible whisk attachment, an egg, a small tall ladle.

Step 2


Carefully separate the white from the yolk. Place the protein in a dry small tall bucket. You can also use the glass that comes with the blender.

Step 3


Start whipping the protein at low speeds.

Step 4


After 30 seconds, increase the speed of revolutions and beat the whites into a dense foam. This will take 1.5-2 minutes.

Step 5


The squirrels are ready to go.

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