How To Cook Culinary Horoscope - CAPRICORN - Recipe

Published on: 17/10/2021 | Last Updated: 22/10/2021
How To Cook Culinary Horoscope - CAPRICORN - Recipe

In this article, learn more about How To Cook Culinary Horoscope - CAPRICORN - Recipe. Learn how to cook "Culinary horoscope - CAPRICORN". Delicious recipe..

Capricornis a strong earth sign. The behavior of people born under it is explained by the influence of the element Earth. In general, Capricorns are practical, conservative, reserved and self-confident. Not surprisingly, they love plain, filling and delicious food, without unnecessary "decorations". It is not difficult to please them: french fries, soup, roast chicken - in general, everything that does not require many products and requires good culinary habits. Such simple refined dishes Capricorn will appreciate more than a new modern salad with 10 layers of products or soup of shark fins. A good chef, in the minds of the representatives of this sign, is the one who can feed you quickly, deliciously and (if possible inexpensively). Culinary pretensions, expensive and rare products they prefer to leave for the festive table.

While young, Capricorns are not very careful about food, so they often face stomach problems or others related to digestion. Sooner or later, this makes them think about what they are eating, try several diets and choose the most suitable for themselves. If an acquaintance of this zodiac sign suddenly becomes a vegetarian, a supporter of a paleo diet or switches to raw food, do not look for moral and ethical reasons for this, he is rather looking for the right diet for your body.

Most Capricorns love meat and root vegetables. Their favorite culinary techniques are frying and baking. In their quest for new flavors, they run the risk of getting carried away with fats and carcinogens, because their culinary experiments come down to different ways of frying and baking. People of the zodiac overdo it with the grill, deep fryer, meat rolls and casserole. Of course, they are delicious and filling, but everyone born under the sign of this earth sign should eat a balanced diet: regularly eat soups and salads, more often replace meat with fish, chicken and vegetables. They must remember that in addition to meat, protein is also found in dairy products, legumes, cereals, vegetables and nuts. Bean soup, barley porridge, cheese platter or vegetable ragout can be as tasty and filling as regular meat dishes.

Capricorns are strongly advised to minimize the intake of simple carbohydrates: sweet foods, pasta, white rice and potatoes. As a side dish or for a light dinner you can consume all kinds of porridge in the oven, vegetable salads. It is also good to avoid animal fats and margarines, which are a mandatory part of sweets and semi-finished products. Fortunately, many of the "kupeshki" products are not very tasty for the representatives of the zodiac, which is good for their health. As a last resort (due to frugality or lack of time), Capricorn will buy sausages, canned food, dumplings, ready-made salads, etc., but for nothing in the world will he eat semi-finished products daily and voluntarily. He is fully aware that he does not have to save time and money when it comes to his own health.

The best dessert for the Earth's subjects is fresh fruit (and berries). They will sincerely enjoy a dessert with cottage cheese and dried fruits, pancakes or homemade jam. Never give Capricorn bought cakes, candies or ice cream - he will accept them as a formality. It is better to bake a simple homemade cake or apple strudel as a gift. If you are not confident in your culinary skills, invite him to a modest coffee.

When it comes to nutrition, Capricorns are selfish because of their innate conservatism or because of the need to watch what they eat. They will not eat something they do not like out of politeness or to keep company. The same goes for alcohol: they would give up toasting without worry if their cocktail seemed questionable. Speaking of alcohol, we must mention that for people of this sign , it is not for drinking, but for communication. Closed and overly serious Capricorns often resort to alcoholic beverages to show off in all their glory. For this purpose, choose strict classic drinks: dry red wine, aged whiskey or cognac, dark rum. It is best not to offer them sweet and sparkling wines, liqueurs, tequila and especially colorful cocktails such as "Sex on the beach".

In terms of soft drinks, Capricorns prefer natural ones. Their choice is determined by the composition, the benefits and freshness they give. No instant coffee and tea in sachets. Better to drink water or homemade compote when they do not have time. However, if they have one, they will dedicate it to a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. These are both drinks that are the only weakness of Capricorns . They are ready to spend time and money on them: to buy beautiful dishes, to try the best types, to get acquainted with the latest ways of preparation. When he invites you as a guest, the representative of this sign will be proud to offer you his own special drink.

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