How To Cook Ideas For Festive Design Of Dishes For New Year's Eve (+ Recipes) - Recipe

Published on: 05/08/2021 | Last Updated: 05/08/2021
How To Cook Ideas For Festive Design Of Dishes For New Year's Eve (+ Recipes) - Recipe

Learn how to cook "Ideas for festive design of dishes for New Year's Eve (+ recipes)". Delicious recipe.

On the eve of 2017, we offer you to get inspiration for festive design of dishes , which are accompanied by recipes for making them.

With these delicious creations, we hope to turn New Year's Eve into an even more exciting event.

And since the coming year is "under the wing" of the rooster, the culinary works that you will see below are thematically crafted with a lot of mood.


Before immersing yourself in the beauty of the dishes, we advise you to stock up on more fruits and vegetables, dyed in fiery colors (sweet peppers, tomatoes, beets, apples). Do not forget about green leafy products, which will bring more freshness to the arrangement.

In addition to salads, you can offer homemade mayonnaise, natural yogurt sauce or anything else to your liking.

Chickens from ordinary eggs

Hard-boiled eggs can be served, turning them into chicks.
Boil them, peel them and give them an expression with the help of pieces of red pepper (for beak and comb), use yellow pepper for feathers, and put black peppercorns, cloves or other suitable instead of eyes. Arrange the cute chicks comfortably on a bed of lettuce leaves and the festive appetizer is ready.


Golden Crest Salad

Although it looks complicated to make, this salad is actually quite easy to shape.

For it you need :

600 grams of chicken fillet
600 grams of mushrooms
400 grams of yellow cheese
6 eggs
2 onions
homemade mayonnaise to taste
3 sweet peppers of different colors
10 tablespoons oil
salt, pepper and green spices to taste

Method of preparation :

Cut the fillet into small pieces and fry in hot oil. Leave the finished bites to cool and arrange them in a suitable container, forming the body of a rooster. Cover with mayonnaise.

Finely chop the mushrooms and onions, fry them, then spread on the fillet. Spread mayonnaise again.

Boil the eggs hard, peel them and grate 3 of them. Mix with the grated yellow cheese and apply the next layer on the rooster. Cover with mayonnaise and refrigerate the salad for half an hour.

Grate the remaining 3 eggs finely and sprinkle with the figure.

Cut the peppers into thin semicircles, from which form a beautiful tail, feathers, comb. Make the legs from pieces of yellow pepper, fasten them with toothpicks.

An option is to "paint" the feathers with pieces of olives.



Fireworks salad is our next offer. To master it, you need:

200 grams of ham (can boiled chicken or other meat product of choice)
4 eggs
2 tomatoes
1 onion
3 sweet peppers

Method of preparation :

Boil the eggs hard, let them cool enough and peel them. Separate the yolks from the whites. Cut the egg whites into straws and grind the yolks.

Peel the peppers from the tails and seeds, cut into thin slices. Chop the tomatoes and ham in the same way.

It's time to "assemble" the festive dish by arranging the products in several layers in the form of a circle.

Use meat and onions first, then peppers and egg whites. The last row should be tomato, and fill the space between the red stripes with mayonnaise. Put the yolks in the middle.


A tip from us: before using onions, pour boiling water over it for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold. This way it will not spoil the taste of the finished salad.

Happy New Year and have a good time!


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