Published at: 01/07/2018

To not feel bloated, tired, fat or eaten too much, follow every day our seven tips.

Eat more often

You can eat three to five times a day between meals, rest at least four or five hours. Don't miss breakfast.

Dine with smaller quantities

Don't overeat. If you are a man, would do well not to exceed 350 grams per serving, and if you're from the fairer sex — not

more than 280 grams.

Drink water with meals, only if you have a so reason

The water swallowed during feeding, softens some foods and this helps to facilitate it handling by the stomach. But keep in mind that the gastric juices and enzymes are diluted and thus weaken their effect. This can lead to some side effects such as difficulty in digestion.

Do not go to bed during or immediately after a meal

Do not give the opportunity to leave the stomach acids where they belong. Although the stomach has a one-way valve that closes after receipt of food, don't let gastric reflux. Eat at least three or four hours before going to bed to sleep. Especially if you have consumed meat.

Eat slowly

The food reaches the stomach for not more than twenty seconds after it has been swallowed. Can you imagine all the gain portion at a time? When you fill the washing machine more than she can handle, do not flow? With tummies. Note that the food remains in the stomach between 20 minutes and an hour. When you eat meat, it will stand in the stomach between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your metabolism.

Matter in what order you accept food

The rule is the following: first food be adopted, which are easily degradable by stomach acid – such are the fruits and vegetables and finally let the meat and animal products. Do not forget! When food gets into your stomach, it is processed in the order in which it was adopted.

Do not mix much food in one meal

What happens if you combine a lot of food in one meal? There is no definite answer. Take it easy! Will not be natrovite! But keep in mind that if you eat meat and then accept, such as grapes, then your stomach will take about three hours to process the animal product, before it continue with the grape. What would happen with the grapes in acidic environment? The answer is – will begin process of fermentation and rot. And this will cause heartburn, flatulence and stomach pain.