How To Make Butter At Home

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How To Make Butter At Home

Are you afraid of the poor quality of store-bought sour cream, fakes? Do everything with your own hands! In this tip, we will show you how to make butter at home.


homemade butter recipe

The search for high-quality butter is sometimes so delayed that sometimes people doubt whether it is possible to find real butter on sale at all, and not a mixture with an incomprehensible chemical composition. You don’t need to study the composition of butter in the store - apart from cream and water, there should be nothing else.

Butter, properly prepared at home, has a special, unique taste and aroma. It can be made from sour cream or cream.

How to make butter from cream

Butter made from bazaar separator cream is especially delicious. Such cream has a very high fat content, “a spoon stands” in them. Accordingly, butter from such cream is obtained with the highest percentage of fat content, and the yield of finished butter is very high. From 0.5 liters of separator cream, an average of 350 grams of delicious butter is obtained.

How to make butter from sour cream

If you need to make butter at home with your own hands, then fresh separator sour cream is best. When whipping sour cream with a mixer, liquid will separate, especially if it is low-fat. The water will need ice cold, so you need to send it to the freezer in advance so that it has time to cool.

Homemade butter tolerates freezing well, so it can be prepared “in reserve”, packaged in portions and frozen. And then use as needed, taking the oil out of the freezer in advance.

Recipes with cream ingredient 33%

Recipes with sour cream

  • Water
  • Cream 33%
  • Sour cream
We will need:
  • Mixer
  • Bowl

How to make butter at home step by step instructions with photos

Step 1


For work, we need bazaar thick separatory cream (500 ml or sour cream), a mixer with a whisk attachment, ice water (6 liters), a bowl.

Step 2


Cool the cream in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and put in a large deep bowl. Start beating at high speed mixer.

Step 3


Literally after 5-6 seconds, the cream will begin to turn into butter and the liquid will begin to separate. Cream of lower fat content and sour cream will have to be whipped longer.

Step 4


Reduce the speed of the mixer a little, as the buttermilk will begin to separate, which will splash at high speeds. When the buttermilk has separated, the butter is whipped. The whole whipping process took me 10-12 seconds.

Step 5


Remove the oil from the bowl, but don't pack it in yet.

Step 6


Pour the oil into a bowl of ice water. Rinse the oil in ice water, changing the water in the bowl several times. Optionally, the oil is washed 3 to 7 times.

Step 7


Squeeze the oil out of the water and form into a bar. As a result, we got 350 grams of butter and approximately 150 ml of buttermilk.

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