How To Prepare Cucumbers For The Winter: Traditional And New Pickling Recipes

Published on: 23/06/2022 | Last Updated: 23/06/2022
How To Prepare Cucumbers For The Winter: Traditional And New Pickling Recipes

Cucumber season is open! Right now, you can not only cook various salads and snacks with fresh cucumbers, but also pickle and salt them for the winter.

Cucumber season is open! Right now, you can not only cook various salads and snacks with fresh cucumbers, but also pickle and salt them for the winter. We share recipes and useful tips for pickling cucumbers.


The taste of pickled cucumbers depends not only on vegetables, but also on the quality of water, salt, and vinegar. It is better to use rock salt, not iodized salt, because due to iodine, vegetables can become darker, their texture will change.

It is best to use fresh chopped seasonings for pickling, however, you should not grind them too much, so as not to spoil the look of the cucumbers.

You can create several sets of spices using bay leaves, garlic, dill, cinnamon sticks, hot and black pepper, mustard seeds. By the way, an interesting fresh taste will turn out if you add sprigs of mint or basil to the cucumbers.

The main thing is to find a balance of sweet, salty and sour taste. But it’s better not to overdo it with sugar, because we love pickles for their salty taste with sourness.

It is better to boil the carrots a little before putting them in jars, then it will not be so dense. Blue onions will give the marinade a reddish hue, as will radishes.

Cucumbers for the winter with dill



900 g cucumbers, cut lengthwise into four pieces; 200 ml of water; 10 long sprigs of dill with umbrellas; 200 ml white wine vinegar; 2 tbsp. l. salt; 2 tsp Sahara; 2 tsp cumin; 2 tsp black peppercorns.

Cut the washed and dried cucumbers into 4 parts and, together with the dill, evenly distribute them among clean jars. In a saucepan, combine vinegar, salt, sugar, cumin, pepper and water. Bring to a boil. Pour the cucumbers in jars with hot marinade and screw on the lids. Leave to cool at room temperature. Then store refrigerated.

Pickled cucumbers for the winter without vinegar



1 kg of cucumbers; 1 liter of water; 60 g of salt; 2 cloves of garlic; dill branch; horseradish leaf and root.

Pour washed cucumbers with cold water for 6 hours.

At the bottom of a clean jar, put a washed horseradish leaf and a dill umbrella. Fold the cucumbers, alternating with slices of peeled horseradish root and garlic cloves.

In cold water (1 l), dilute the salt and pour cucumbers to the top. Put the jar in a basin or on a tray, cover with a lid and leave for 2-3 days in a cool place.

Then pour the brine into a saucepan. Sort the cucumbers, discard the soft ones. Fold the cucumbers with garlic in clean jars, lay a clean new sheet of horseradish or currant on top. Pour in boiling brine, trying to pour onto the leaf. Tighten with sterilized lids, turn over, wrapped in a blanket until completely cool. Store in a cool place.

Spicy pickled cucumbers with sesame seeds


900 g cucumbers; 2 tsp sea ​​salt; 1 tsp ground hot pepper; 1 tsp rice vinegar; 1 tsp sesame oil; 2 tsp Sahara; some toasted sesame seeds.

Cut the washed cucumbers into 1/2 cm circles. Place in a colander and salt. Leave for 30-60 minutes in a colander over a bowl; The salt will draw the water out of the cucumbers. Then spread on a kitchen towel - the cucumbers need to be dried thoroughly.

Put the cucumbers in a bowl, sprinkle with pepper, sugar, vinegar and oil, add sesame seeds and mix. Marinate cucumbers for at least an hour, a maximum of a week. Store in a cool place.

Pickled Cucumbers with Chili and Onions


You will need:

700 g cucumbers; 2 medium onions; chili pepper; 3 art. l. chopped dill; 2 cloves of garlic; 1 liter of water; 200 ml table vinegar 9 percent; 3 art. l. Sahara; 1 st. l. salt; 2 bay leaves; 4 peas of allspice.

Wash the cucumbers and trim the buttocks. Cut the peeled onion into half rings.

Put chili, peeled garlic in a sterilized jar. Spread cucumbers in a jar, alternating with onion rings and dill.

Boil the marinade from water, sugar, salt, parsley and pepper. When the sugar and salt dissolve, pour in the vinegar, stir and remove from heat. Cool slightly and pour over cucumbers in jars. Cover with lids and place in a pot of hot water so that the water reaches the middle of the jars. Bring to a low boil and sterilize for 10-15 minutes. Screw on the lids, turn the jars upside down and cool at room temperature.

Cucumbers with carrots for the winter



2 kg of cucumbers; 500 g carrots; 1/2 cup sugar; 1/4 cup vinegar 9 percent; 1/2 cup vegetable oil; 50 g of salt; 3 cloves of garlic.

Wash cucumbers and carrots. Grate the peeled carrots on a Korean carrot grater or cut into thin strips. Cut the cucumbers in half, then each half into 4 pieces lengthwise. Peel the garlic and cut into slices or strips.

Place the carrots, garlic and cucumbers in a bowl. Pour in salt, sugar, pour in vinegar and oil. Stir and cover the bowl with cling film. Put in the refrigerator for a day. Then arrange the vegetables with the sauce in half-liter jars, cover with lids and sterilize in a pot of water covered with a cloth for 10 minutes. Roll up and turn over to cool, wrapped in a blanket.

Tell us how you pickle cucumbers for the winter! We are waiting for recipes and photos!

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