Ideas For Almost Impromptu Valentines

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Ideas For Almost Impromptu Valentines

Valentine's Day gifts and sweets are usually the main gifts. How to quickly prepare and pleasantly impress your chosen ones, read below.

The main gifts for Valentine's Day are usually valentines and sweets. How to quickly prepare a gift and pleasantly impress your chosen ones, read below.

Simple sweets with a surprise.

The nicest gift is the one you receive unexpectedly. Therefore, it will be interesting to hide a valentine in some simple "everyday" thing - for example, hide a letter under the wrapper of a chocolate bar or put small notes in the cut of the "Bonjour" cake... 


Valentine pizza

The banal saying "the way to the heart is through the stomach" is valid for both women and men, because satiety relaxes and pleases a person. Especially if there is no passion for sweets, and the soul is more towards "salty". Then the idea of ​​making Valentine 's pizza will come in handy . Nothing complicated or supernatural - just a heart-shaped cake, a heart-shaped sausage, as red a sauce as possible and as many pleasant thoughts as possible during cooking (don't forget about your partner's taste preferences).



Tea valentine

This valentine is for tea lovers. Take a tea bag, carefully cut it open and pour the brew out of it. After that, cut out two hearts from the filter paper and sew it tightly, not forgetting to pour the brew back into the "love" bag. By the way, instead of "tea dust", which is often sold in bagged tea, you can buy delicious leaf tea and fill the bags with it. In addition, a romantic touch - tails-hearts for bags, maybe even with interesting author's inscriptions.

Valentine in a jar


Everything is simple: take a can, tie a ribbon to it, and to the ribbon - a valentine with the words you want to say to the person. We pour our favorite candies into the jar itself (for example, an assortment of different dragees, someone likes sea pebbles, and someone likes M&M's; maybe someone is an outspoken esthete and therefore should choose only red dragees). If there are no jars at hand, then even clear plastic/glass bottles are suitable for this purpose. But banks are more effective!


Valentine - a set for hot chocolate

This valentine will help you warm up on a cold February evening and have a pleasant conversation over a cup of fragrant drink. The valentine contains cocoa (or a mixture for hot chocolate), marshmallows, and other sweets to your taste. Each ingredient is packed in a transparent jar and tied with a ribbon. You can perceive such a gift as an invitation to a date or a conversation!

Fruit valentine

This fresh and delicious idea is to make a valentine out of your partner's favorite fruit. Use pastry cutters or just a knife to cut hearts out of the fruit and put a "love" fruit salad on a beautiful plate. You can also string fruit hearts on wooden skewers in a fruit "shashlik" or canapé. This valentine is the best for dieters and for supporters of healthy, natural food. Moreover, it is tasty and can be huge! You can also collect a whole fruit basket, because the more vitamins in February, the stronger the immunity!



Photo valentine

Such interesting times have come, when a printed "living" photo impresses more than the latest technologies. You probably have several joint selfies with your loved one, which lie somewhere deep on the phone's memory card. Why not print them, even in a small format, tie them with a ribbon in a photo book and present them? Or order the printing of fridge magnets from your joint selfies - then these photos acquire more meaning, bring up pleasant memories of how you spend time well with each other.


A surprise valentine (PREMIUM)

Valentine's Day is a very appropriate time to propose a hand and a heart. At least, on this day you can afford to be a romantic without being the least bit ashamed of it. Put a ring on the bottom of a cute little bonbonniere box, and a candy on top. Let there be a surprise! And if you are not yet ready for marriage, put a small gift inside "without a hint".

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