Published on: 01/07/2018 | Last Updated: 06/07/2018

In this article we will look at the benefits and harm of chewing gum. We will learn when chewing gums exist and other curious facts about.

The chewing of chewing gum dates back to antiquity, but it has been on the market since the middle of the 19th century. And the first gum that makes bubbles appears almost a century later. 


Usually, people chew a gum because of some trivial causes:

(1) To fix their mouth's breath

(2) To clean their teeth but notice - only gums without sugar do this properly and healthy

(3) To arrange their mouth with another habbit, instead of smoking cigarettes or alcohol.

(4) To increase their concentration. We could explain this with often agitate our jaws and it's improve blood circulation of the brain

(5) To protect itself from getting sick during a trip


Maybe you don't realize, but chewing gum has a lot more harmful consequences:

(1) it is possible to cause damage to the jaw

Especially common in teenagers, but adults are not protected as well. The problem lies in the fact that more often chew on one side and weigh only half jaw.

(2) excessive use of chewing gum can lead you to gastro-intestinal disorders

That goes especially for those of you who have already established problems. Use chewing gum with the measure. If you are a little more detailed, you'll notice that the package of almost all types of chewing gum, it is written that it is possible to cause diarrhea.

(3) dental decay are in the bag

This applies especially for chewing gum, too sweet to which are marked with sugar. Gum are rich in colors, flavors and acids. They contribute to the damage of the enamel of the teeth and also for the development of tooth decay. The latter applies to sugar-free gum.

(4) the gum can lead to stomach ulcers

This is explained by the fact that the constant chewing contributes to increased salivation, and it in turn creates false signals to the stomach, it is about eating. Imagine the strong stomach acids that washed stomach lining for no reason.

(5) it is possible poisoning if you have mercury fillings, because the gum extracted mercury from them

Of course, this is just a theory, and there is not much documented such cases.


If gum regularly, consider the following tips:


This is not entire article. It continues ...


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