Published on: 08/12/2019 | Last Updated: 08/12/2019

Learn why your keto diet does not work for you. And when you should NOT follow a ketogenic diet.

There are conflicting opinions and myths about the ketogenic diet, but it is very safe for most people if they keep the rules properly.


Who should not / be aware of Keto Diet?

There are, however, three groups that need special attention.


  • Do you take diabetes medicine, such as insulin?

  • Do you take high blood pressure medication?

  • Are you breastfeeding?



If you find yourself in any of the above categories, be sure to consult your doctor before switching to a keto diet, as there are possible side effects as well as the need to adjust the dose of medicines taken. With too few carbohydrates, dramatic reduction or stopping of breast milk is possible.

The text in this post is purely informative in nature and should not replace the guidance of a healthcare professional or serve as a basis for self-medication.


What exactly is keto?

When the body uses fat as a major source of energy, we are talking about ketosis. They are broken down into ketones, which nourish the cells in the body, making organs and systems function better. In the ketone diet, the body adjusts to nutrition, which gradually eliminates glucose and glycogen. The adaptation period is about 5 days during which a person may experience headaches, nausea, have irritated stomach and bad breath.

Many men and women who want to gain muscle mass resort to this low-carb diet. In addition to the fact that three days of fasting, which can begin to cause stomach discomfort, ketosis has other harms to the body: Fatigue.

When your body is in a state of ketosis, it tries to replace carbohydrates with glucose. This process is often accompanied by fatigue, especially in the first few days, which may diminish or disappear if you drink more water or saline to help restore electrolyte balance.


Can the keto diet cause fatigue?

When your body is in a state of ketosis, it tries to replace carbohydrates with glucose. This process is often accompanied by fatigue, especially in the first few days, which may diminish or disappear if you drink more water or saline to help restore electrolyte balance.


Possible Headaches/Migraines 

A few days after starting the ketone diet, a headache may occur. The reason for this is that the brain seeks out glucose and burns the last stores it has before it enters ketosis. Sometimes a person may feel annoyed.


Bad Breath and Fasting and constipation

There are several chemicals that are activated during the burning of body fat. They cause bad breath during a ketogenic diet.  Many foods that supply fiber to the body contain more carbohydrates and should be avoided during a specific diet. This can disrupt the balance of the intestinal microflora and lead to constipation. When there is a shortage of fiber in the body, most people experience intense hunger.


Muscle cramps

To be in ketosis you must be on a low carbohydrate regimen or one that completely eliminates them. This means that you cannot consume foods rich in various minerals that play a very important role in muscle condition. These are calcium, magnesium, and iron. When their quantity decreases, cramps are present.


Be aware of Dehydration

Too much ketones in the body can dehydrate the body. There is an excess of sodium in the body during the diet that is excreted in the urine. And excessive walking to the toilet causes dehydration.

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