The paradise apple is among the fruits for which it is completely justified to regret that we do not consume more often. This autumn fruit is gaining popularity in our country in recent years, but is still inferior in consumption to citrus and other seasonal fruits. It is time, getting acquainted with the exceptional properties of the paradise apple, to change this.


Only 70 calories in a paradise apple

The paradise apple is among the lowest calorie fruits, although in a well-ripened state it is very sweet. A medium-sized paradise apple contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates, almost half of which are in the form of dietary fiber . Thus, one fruit provides only about 70 calories and offers a unique opportunity to supplement each type of healthy eating.


The most important vitamins in one place

A persimmon can give us about 50% of daily needs of vitamin A . Immediately after it in terms of content is vitamin C , and with one fruit we can get about 20% of its recommended daily intake. B-complex vitamins are also well represented in the composition of paradise apples. Thus, regular consumption of this fruit can provide us with the most important vitamins that our body cannot synthesize on its own.


A powerful combination of additional phytonutrients

Paradise apple is a rich source of trace elements with an indispensable role in a number of life processes. These are manganese, copper, phosphorus, calcium, iron.
In addition, the paradise apple contains additional biologically active substances such as catechins (known for their anti-inflammatory and vascular strengthening action), betulinic acid (having immunomodulatory and antitumor activity). To these we must add lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin, which are powerful antioxidants . In addition, they are indispensable eye pigments that accumulate in the retina and support vision.


The extremely diverse composition of the paradise apple allows the different ingredients to support each other's absorption and the positive effects on the body to be felt as quickly as possible. And they are not small at all.

Regular intake of paradise apples provides a range of biologically active products with proven antitumor, antioxidant, digestive, anti-aging and vision and immune properties. Thanks to them, the paradise apple stands out among the autumn fruits as a uniquely powerful tool for maintaining our overall health.


It is no coincidence that the Latin name of the paradise apple means "food of the gods ". The meaning of her name is completely justified.