We Prepare Unusual Canapés

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We Prepare Unusual Canapés

Let's learn canapé recipes that will be a great alternative to bread with butter, cheese and sausage: ideas for every day of the week.

The sandwich of our childhood is bread with sausage or cheese. With white loaf or Borodino bread , with Russian or Moscow sausage, Russian or Dutch cheese, with or without butter - everything was simple, without culinary creations. Now is a good opportunity to move away from your gastronomic memories and experiment a little.

Let's learn canapé recipes that will be a great alternative to bread with butter, cheese and sausage: ideas for every day of the week.



Avocado sandwich

  • Bread _

  • Ripe avocado.

  • A slice of lemon.

  • Salt pepper.

Dry the bread in a toaster, wire rack or in a pan without oil. Cut the avocado, remove the pulp with a spoon, cut into slices. Spread on bread , sprinkle with lemon juice. Salt and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.


Sandwich with salmon and radish

  • Fresh bread .

  • Lightly salted salmon.

  • Radish.

  • Blue onion.

  • Cucumber.

  • Homemade mayonnaise.

  • Green.

Wash vegetables, cut radishes and cucumbers into thin circles, onions into semicircles. Place in a bowl, add salt and pepper if desired (don't forget that salmon is already salty), add homemade mayonnaise, mix. We spread the salad on bread , put slices of fish on top and decorate with greens.


Sandwich with scrambled eggs

  • Bread _

  • Egg.

  • Ham or ham.

  • Tomato.

  • Guacamole.

  • Vegetable oil.

Heat the pan and grease it a little with oil. Let's fry the eggs. Spread guacamole on bread , put ham or jamon and sliced ​​tomato on top. We cover it all with an egg.


Sandwich with jam or jam

  • White bread .

  • Butter or cream cheese.

  • Jam, jam or jam.

Dry the bread in a toaster or in a pan without oil. Spread with butter or cream cheese. Spread jam, jam or jam on top.


Sandwich with hummus

  • Bread _

  • Hummus

  • A slice of lemon.

  • Vegetable oil.

  • Lettuce.

  • Favorite vegetables.

We are preparing hummus. The main ingredients of hummus are boiled chickpeas, olive oil, tahini sesame paste, lemon juice and spices. You can add other ingredients to the dish for a bright taste and color: roasted pepper, beetroot, pumpkin, cocoa, avocado, greens, etc. Spread ready hummus on bread , add a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. We lay out the chopped vegetables and decorate with lettuce leaves.


Sandwich with bacon and omelet

  • Bread _

  • Bacon.

  • Egg.

  • Salt pepper.

  • Vegetable oil.

Fry the bacon in a lightly oiled pan. When it becomes crispy, transfer it to a plate, and pour eggs beaten with salt and pepper into the pan. As soon as the eggs have set a little, start stirring with a spoon to make a scramble. Fry until the whole egg mixture becomes dense lumps. Spread the crispy bacon on the bread , and spread the eggs on top.


Sandwich with berries

  • Bread.

  • Cottage cheese.

  • Fresh berries.

Wash the berries, dry them a little. Grind the cottage cheese through a sieve or spin it in a blender so that it becomes a homogeneous airy mass. We smear the bread with homemade cheese , put the berries on top. Berries can be replaced with any fruit. In this case, the fruit should be washed and cut into slices.


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