As for how to successfully control your blood sugar , the advice in most cases seems to be limited to what we need to limit, which sometimes puts us in a state of despair. In fact, blood sugar control - because there are abnormalities or prognosis - as well as a healthy diet or weight loss in general, can only be achieved with some slight adjustments in habits and replacement of harmful foods with healthy ones. In fact, the foods that should be avoided in order to prevent metabolic problems are sugar, white flour and saturated fats.

The problem comes from the fact that the mass culture of eating includes mostly them, which excludes the products with which we are accustomed to filling the refrigerator. The good thing is that we have an abundance of products that can replace these harmful foods that we have forgotten and nature provides us directly in the most healthy form ready for consumption.

We offer you a list of several products, some of which, although unexpected as a choice, are selected by expert Western experts. The products are selected: first, because of the rich content of useful nutrients such as fiber, omega-3, calcium, vitamin D, which must be present in any diet to prevent and in diabetes and, secondly, can be used not only as individual foods, but also as ingredients for the preparation of others, dishes and desserts.

1. Due to the high fiber content of all legumesare extremely useful against and in diabetes. They charge with energy for a long time, their carbohydrates are absorbed slowly, which keeps blood sugar normal, without sharp jumps and falls long after a meal. Another effect of high-fiber foods is that they also help lower cholesterol. The content of calcium in them is also not small - 10% of the daily needs of the body, ie 100 mg of the mineral, are obtained with only half a cup of old beans. Calcium, in addition to beneficial effects on bones, has another, as evidenced by medical research - helps the process of burning fat.
Legumes are also a great source of plant proteins, which have the exact opposite role of those in red meat, strengthen cardiovascular health.
The Bulgarian national cuisine is rich in recipes for soups, soups and dishes from them. Another option is to add them to any makeshift salad.

2. A study found that women who took 1.2 grams of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D through their diet reduced their risk of diabetes by a third compared to others. Both elements are key in the nutrition of the disease, and the best source of both remain low-fat dairy products - yogurt, white cheese, cottage cheese. Milk is generally one of the main ingredients in a number of recipes, from appetizers to desserts, and also provides one of the most useful soft drinks that can replace harmful soft drinks - kefir.

3.We often write about how useful it is to eat salmon. Alas, for us this fish is quite expensive, but we can replace it with any other oily and provide it at our table at least twice a week. Oily fish is useful because of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body and therefore have a cardiovascular protective effect. Fish is also rich in vitamin D. However, the choice should be careful not to overdo it with deep-sea sea fish, because it is likely to contain mercury, such as tuna, which is even more unfavorable for people with diabetes.

4. Foods such as barley have long since disappeared from our dietand oats, which are some of the healthiest cereals. Barley is rich in beta-glucans, which have been shown to lower total and bad cholesterol by preventing them from being absorbed by the body. 3 grams of these fibers, which are contained in an amount equal to a tennis ball, are enough to observe a drop in cholesterol by 8%. They help maintain normal blood sugar and as a bonus contribute significantly to the release of extra pounds.

However, in order to rely on barley for these effects, one must purchase one that preserves the integrity of the grain, such as that available in organic stores. Before cooking, it should soak overnight in water. It can be added to soups and dishes that we typically prepare with rice instead.


5. As for our more familiar oatmeal - they are also useful because of their fiber. Studies have repeatedly concluded that consuming them lowers blood sugar, improves cell sensitivity to insulin and slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, which stabilizes blood glucose levels.
In addition to oatmeal, they can be used to prepare various pastries, biscuits, snacks.