It is advisable to avoid fatty foods, but are small amounts acceptable?

We do not exclude anything from the menu. I always say that there are no harmful foods, there are harmful quantities. We must not abuse food, including fat. But the consumption of high-calorie foods should be greatly reduced.


Pastries that are high in sugar, cream and fat are not recommended for consumption during the summer months at all. I do not recommend them in the cold half of the year, because they load the body with calories, and our physical activity at this time of year is reduced. One needs sweet things, but let's take those that contain only carbohydrates, no fat. Fruit cakes are recommended. More than 50% of the structure of this type of cakes can be made with fruit.


The choice of fruit in its natural version is the most healthy, useful and correct. Fruits also contain sugars, but they are completely burned by the body. With them we import important minerals and vitamins. They should be present in our menu every day, but, I emphasize, along with enough other complete, high-protein foods.


Which vitamins and minerals are important to focus on in order to enjoy better health during the cold months?

The most important vitamins that increase the immune system are vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12, folic acid. Meat, fish and eggs provide vitamins B6 and B12. In addition to complete protein, milk also contains vitamins A and D.


The trace elements selenium, copper, zinc, iron are also very important for achieving good immune protection.


We need a lot of fruits and vegetables - from 300, 400 g to 1 kg. They contain mainly vitamin C, A, folic acid.


Very useful and garlic, in the first place, onions, leeks, onions. They carry sulfide compounds, which are a powerful barrier and increase immune protection. They have antiviral and antibacterial action.


What should our breakfast be like?

Breakfast should be stable. It doesn't matter if we eat toast or muesli. Breakfast may include sausage, boiled egg. Yogurt must be present on the table. When a person leaves home, he should have a good breakfast, even if he ate more food, it is not a problem, because there is time during the day to burn everything unnecessary.


What should parents pay attention to when choosing food for their children?

Parents should pay attention to breakfast. We must not let our children go to school hungry. Many mothers put a sandwich in their child's bag without having breakfast at home. This is a gross mistake. The parent should offer a healthy, wholesome breakfast to their child. For him, it should be a ritual, to be like a law for the family. Breakfast can be English, for example - eggs, bacon, ham, may include sausages, cheese. It is important to consume natural juices, freshly squeezed juices, and lactic acid drinks are also useful.


When the child does not have breakfast at home, during the third break he is already hungry and begins to pour sweet things. When a person is hungry, he tends to eat his favorite treats because he needs energy. Children reach for waffles, chocolates, chips to get full, which is not right and leads to a number of health problems.


Experts advise children to have a second, supportive breakfast to be taken during the big break at school. It can be a slice of pizza, a sandwich, a bun, boza is also suitable, natural juices. In general, we do not need to protect our children so much from carbohydrates, because the child is mobile, his body develops, processes that burn enough calories.


How should people with chronic diseases eat?

During the winter months, diseases such as ulcers worsen, and arterial hypertension becomes more frequent. Why? Because the food we eat in the cold half of the year is rich in sodium. Its excessive amount changes the balance of the two minerals that are related to blood pressure. Because we eat more vegetables and fruits during the summer season, and they import more potassium and less sodium, this balance is more balanced. This explains the reduction of hypertensive incidents in the summer according to statistics.


In winter, cases of hypertension become more frequent. Sodium, unfortunately, is found in bread, meat, milk, fish, eggs and other products. Technological processes of food production include sodium. Care should also be taken with mineral water, as some also contain sodium.



Usually in winter people gain more weight. The data from the statistics prepared by nutritionists show that in these months there are more people who are overweight and obese than in the summer. And the main reason is that people are immobilized.



There are all sorts of tips and suggestions for sample menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is this a correct practice?

I have never allowed myself to give a sample meal menu, because I would violate the principles of individual nutrition. I mark which are the most useful and necessary products. One has the right to choose what to consume. If I give a sample menu, it means that I impose my preferences, which is not correct and not scientifically justified. It is not right to frame and tell people what they will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is not right to make a person eat a product that he may not like. In this case, a substitute for this food must be offered.