High Lipid Levels

Published on: 09/09/2021 | Last Updated: 17/10/2021
High Lipid Levels

High levels of lipids endanger our health and increase the risk of clogging the arteries. You can lower lipid levels with diet.

The group of lipids includes cholesterol and triglycerides , which you often hear about from your doctor. When their levels are high, there is a risk of developing serious diseases. High cholesterol is especially dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

Prevention against the accumulation of bad cholesterol lies in lifestyle. Fortunately, you can include a variety of foods to control lipid levels and even lower them.

Allowed and forbidden foods to lower lipid levels



Recommended foods

Foods for moderate use

Prohibited foods


Wholemeal bread, wholemeal snacks, oatmeal, pasta, rusks, rice


Croasani, multi-leaf dough

Dairy foods and eggs

Skimmed milk, lean cheeses, cottage cheese, skimmed yoghurt, egg white, egg substitutes

Semi-skimmed milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt. Two whole eggs a week.

Whole milk, condensed milk, cream, milk replacers, high-fat cheeses, whole milk yoghurt


Vegetable soups, broths


Fatty soups, cream soups


All lean fish (grilled, roasted, smoked). Avoid the skin!

Fish fried in a suitable oil (corn, soybean).

Caviar, fish fried in unsuitable oil (the most common in our country)


Oysters, mussels

Sea mussels, lobsters.

King prawns, prawns, squid.


Turkeys, chickens, beef, game, rabbit, tender lamb.

Very tender beef, ham, bacon, lamb (up to twice a week). Beef or chicken sausages. Liver up to twice a week.

Ducks, geese, all visibly fatty meats, sausages, salami, goose liver, chicken skin.



Polyunsaturated fats: sunflower oil, corn oil, saffron. Monounsaturated fats: soft margarines.

Butter, tallow, lard, cooked meat fat, palm oil, hard margarines, hydrogenated fats.

Fruits and vegetables

All fresh and frozen vegetables, especially legumes (ripe beans, lentils, young peas), sweet corn, boiled unpeeled potatoes, all fresh or dried fruits, canned unsweetened fruits.

Baked or fried potatoes in unsuitable fat.

Baked or fried potatoes cooked in butter, palm oil. Vegetables and rice cooked in unsuitable fat, chips, salted canned vegetables (pickles).


Sorbet, jellies, pudding based on skim milk, fruit salads, kisses.


Ice cream, pudding, dumplings, cream and butter creams.



Pastries and biscuits made with saturated margarines and butters.

Factory biscuits, cakes, pies, snacks and puddings.


Turkish delight, nougat, cooked jam.

Marzipan, halva-

Chocolate, coconut cakes, hard caramel cakes.


Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts.

Brazilian nuts, peanuts, pistachios.

Cashews, coconut, salted nuts.

The drinks

Tea, instant coffee, espresso, water, soft drinks with artificial sweetener.

Alcohol, low-calorie chocolate drinks.

Chocolate drinks, Irish coffee, malt drinks (boza), Turkish coffee.

Spices and sauces

Black pepper, mustard, herbal and other spices.

Low calorie salad dressings.

Salting food, salad dressings, cream toppings, mayonnaise.


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