Whether you've already taken vitamins or are just getting started, the fact is that the huge selection the market has to offer can be quite confusing. In the labyrinth of various offers of food supplements you need to be aware of what and why to buy or not. Otherwise, taking a product may not only be useless, but also harm your health.

1. Synthetic vitamins

Most multivitamins are nothing more than synthetics - they do not contain any natural ingredients. Synthetic multivitamins are produced at very high temperatures and contain chemical compounds that are not found in nature. A number of clinical studies have shown that synthetic vitamins are not bioavailable, are not well absorbed and irritate the stomach . In addition to not having much nutritional value, synthetic vitamins are excreted in the urine. All this means that the human body does not "recognize" synthetic vitamins, because they do not contain ingredients derived from natural foods. In this sense, synthetic vitamins can be considered even as toxic and dangerous.

2. Natural vitamins as a superfood

Multivitamins of natural origin contain substances derived from fresh raw foods - fruits , plants, vegetables . It is characteristic of natural vitamins that they are created from raw foods - this brings them as close as possible to the real food. This is the reason why natural vitamins , unlike synthetic ones, are completely absorbed by the body.  
The label of natural vitamins must bear the label "Whole food" , which suggests that vitamins contain all the vital elements naturally contained in food. 
And precisely because they are a kind of food, natural multivitamins can be taken at any time - before, after or during a meal, no matter what foods or drinks you have consumed or plan to consume.
Alive are completely natural multivitamins that can be found on the Bulgarian market. Alive multivitamins are a source of a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals , amino acids, enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids, as well as extracts of green foods, medicinal mushrooms and herbs. 
Each Alive superfood tablet is absorbed immediately after ingestion, degrading in less than 30 minutes. Thus, you can feel the freshness and energy immediately.
Alive multivitamins completely compensate for the lack of valuable nutrients , restoring the activity of the digestive , cardiovascular, nervous and skeletal systems. Thanks to the rich set of antioxidants , Alive improves vision as well as the condition of the skin
Alive contains 25 vitamins and minerals, 24 fruits and vegetables, 14 green plants, including spirulina and chlorella, 12 digestive enzymes , 18 amino acids, 12 organically grown mushrooms, more than 40 antioxidants, as well as omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. .