Pectin and gelatin are nutrients known by their international designations for food additives E440 and E441. Added to various foods, their main function is to thicken (gel) liquid food agents to form highly viscous broths, jellies or marmalades. Although there is no conclusive evidence of harm from the two additives, they are viewed with suspicion because they are often prepared and stored as a white, powdery mass. The food industry and biotechnologists point out many of their advantages, which should not be overlooked.
Pectin  is a polysaccharide derived from the cell wall of plant tissues. For every 500 grams of plant food, about 5 g of pectin is ingested. It passes through the small intestine, increasing the viscosity of intestinal contents, which leads to its binding to cholesterol . This reduces the absorption of harmful low-density cholesterol. In the colon, pectin is broken down, leading to the release of short-chain fatty acids that act as prebiotics .
Gelatin  is a protein most commonly derived from collagen found in the bones, skin and connective tissues of farm animals. It is most often added to yogurts, ice creams and jelly candies. It is composed of many proteins and peptides, which due to their animal origin, are very easily broken down by the digestive system and with minimal effort provide the body with a wide range of amino acids.
For a weight of 50 grams, pectin contains 162 calories and about 42 g of protein, and unsweetened gelatin - 94 calories, 45 g of carbohydrates and 4.3 g of fiber. 
Pectin suppresses the feeling of hunger and can restore normal function in people with gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea . Gelatin contains copper , selenium and phosphorus , and the various amino acids in its composition help reduce inflammation , wound healing and ennoble hair , skin and nails .
Gelatin peptides also have a strengthening effect on the gastric mucosa - they increase the resistance to ethanol , acids and stress factors , which is a therapeutic and preventive measure against the development or progression of ulcers .
A balanced intake of these two substances does not lead to side effects or at least there are no scientifically confirmed facts about harmful effects on human health.