The location of fat deposits can give us a lot of information. The figures are different. Some tend to accumulate fat on the abdomen, others on the hips and thighs, others on the arms. This depends a lot on the hereditary factor and the type of metabolism. Undoubtedly, the lack of movement of a certain part of the body takes away from its aesthetic appearance. Age also has an effect. However, according to experts, the accumulation of fat in certain areas also shows certain disorders in the body.


1. On the abdomen

It is known that the accumulation of fat in the abdomen is caused by excessive consumption of food , especially with preference for meat and fatter products . It's just that doctors say we accumulate belly fat when we're stressed .


Under stress, the body releases more cortisol , known as the stress hormone, which causes it to increase waist circumference.



To get rid of the belly, we will first need to calm down and build resistance to irritants. Cardio exercises are the second step we should take. This is the best way to restore his flat appearance, especially since these exercises affect the whole body and improve its metabolism.


2. Above the knee


The location of these depots only requires consideration of the length of the clothing. However, the fat above the knee is irritating, especially since it creates a feeling of heaviness. They are formed by the retention of fluids in the body. The problem occurs when eating mainly carbohydrate foods, consumption of products with concentrated sugar, salt and excess fluid intake.


The permission - a balanced diet , with a predominance of vegetables and fruits, at the expense of sweet and savory products.

3. Full thighs


In fact, full thighs show how much we love sweets and how we can't resist them. Excessive consumption of fast-digesting simple carbohydrates secretes much more insulin than necessary. The result of the whole process is the storage of excess energy in the depots on the thighs and hips.


Expert advice is to replace fast carbs, ie. products containing concentrated sugar, with useful complex and slow-digesting carbohydrates. These are found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits.


4. The inside of the thighs, arms and chest


More accumulations on the inner thighs, upper arms and chest, point to an excess of the female sex hormone estrogen .


Taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy also leads to fat deposits in these areas.


5. "Love handles"

Fat deposits above the waistband of the pants or skirt, according to experts, in some cases indicate impaired thyroid function. In case of symptoms of frequent fatigue, nervousness, chills, a consultation with an endocrinologist can be planned and thyroid hormone screening should be performed.



It is possible that the problem is due to a higher dose of heavy metal salts. These may be contained in toothpaste, drinking water.
Cleansing the body and taking antioxidants is a way to solve the problem.