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The harvesting season for harvesting and processing mushrooms is quite long, especially if you are an "advanced" mushroom picker who collects not only August-March species. It lasts starting from early spring (morels) and ending in late autumn (butterfly, porcini mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.), and even in winter (mushrooms, winter mushroom). This means that we should collect and process them in such a way that they will last
If you want to improve your health and well-being, it will not be superfluous to review your diet. Daily eating habits are a good start to make positive changes in life, because food gives us energy and provides the body with the necessary nutrients.
According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), developed countries throw away up to 40% of food. This is not only unacceptable from a moral point of view, but also simply unreasonable. Such food waste costs countries billions of dollars, and is also the world's third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, which affect climate change and
Starving is harmful - this principle was very popular in dietetics until recently. However, scientific discoveries have forced even conservative specialists to look at the process of giving up food in a different way. It turns out that fasting can be quite beneficial if you do it right. Interval fasting is becoming increasingly popular, so let's learn more about this system
Which olive oil is the best? Spanish? Greek? Or maybe Italian? How to choose it? What should you pay attention to when you have a battery of bottles with different labels in front of you in the store? And which olive oil is suitable for salads, and which can be used for frying?
Most of us have faced the problem of overeating in one way or another. And although the reasons are different, usually the fact is that we cannot overcome the constant feeling of hunger. Let's learn how to prolong the feeling of satiety without increasing the portion size.
No matter what anyone says, a person can live without TV shows or the Internet, but not without food. Therefore, almost every day we prepare food so that this does not happen - from a light salad to a 6-course dinner. Let's learn about bad habits that we sin in the kitchen.
Breakfast is the most important meal. And if your goal is to lose weight, then its importance increases twice.
An athlete's drinking regime is a very important factor during training, especially in the heat, because in hot weather, sweating is essentially the only way to regulate body temperature and protect the body from overheating. Physical activity is accompanied not only by the loss of fluid, but also by the loss of mineral salts, the lack of which can cause serious consequences in the human body. Exactly
Let's find out how sparkling wines are made, how to distinguish prosecco from crema, how to properly serve and which wine is better to choose.
Aquaculture has grown approximately 14-fold since 1980. In 2012, world production in this industry (from silver salmon to the unattractive-looking sea cucumber that only a Chinese chef could be tempted by) reached 66 million tons, confidently overtaking beef production for the first time, and accounted for almost half of all fish and seafood consumed on the planet . The population is growing
The most useful carbohydrates are slow, and they are most often found in cereals. Are all cereals healthy? Of course not. For example, semolina, despite its former popularity in kindergartens and schools, is considered one of the most useless: almost all of its composition is starch, and phytin, which is abundant in semolina, generally prevents the assimilation of iron and vitamin D. Not very many are useful
Chocolate stands on par with wine, coffee, tea, etc., because it has the same complex flavor combinations. And all these products have a certain number of rules for tasting, which allow you to get to know the product's taste palette as widely as possible. Just as there is a profession of wine tasting, there are tasters who evaluate chocolate. We know, for example, that wine must be served
What foods with a high carbohydrate content are better to add to the diet of anyone who is struggling with excess weight.
These foods for dinner interfere with the proper work of digestion and lead to sleep disturbances and excess weight.
Taco is a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine, which is made from a corn or wheat tortilla with a variety of hearty fillings. It seems that preparing tacos at home is very simple: you only need bread and any filling. However, in order for it to turn out really tasty, you need to prepare the sauce correctly and think over the ingredients for the filling.
The topic of what and how to drink before, during and after training is one of the most controversial among runners. Today we will talk about rehydration after running. Water compensation in the ratio of 1/1.5 is considered optimal - that is, if during a long run you lost 1 liter of fluid (weights to help), then you will need 1.5 liters of clean water for recovery. Most nutritionists
What to do if you know that salt is white death, but at the same time there is no desire to eat fresh food? Right! Replace the salt with something else.
Let's learn about how to make the broth transparent, why pork fat is useful, how to choose and cut meat and other important and interesting things.
In this article, learn more about Why You Should Eat Cottage Cheese For Breakfast. Homemade cheese is one of the best options for breakfast. Let's find out why..
Some foods give the body energy, while some can worsen conditions such as heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Eating such products at night can make it difficult to fall asleep and worsen the quality of sleep. If you are familiar with sleep problems, try to change the menu of your dinner, which can spoil the night's rest. For your attention, products that, on the contrary, will spoil the night
How many calories does a person spend during the day? Surprisingly, there is no single answer to this question. Calorie consumption is an individual indicator that depends on genetics, gender, age, height, weight, habitat and physical activity. Taking into account all these factors, you can roughly calculate how many calories you consume per day and what amount is enough to
A simple recipe for poached eggs, which won a prize at the main culinary competition.
If instead of cheerfulness you feel complete apathy and indifference to everything, you should check the level of essential minerals. Their deficiency is no less dangerous for the body than a lack of vitamins. According to specialists, people are most often deficient in magnesium, iron, and calcium. Let's learn how to recognize a deficiency of these minerals and how to correct it.
Many people know that sweets are harmful not only for the figure and teeth, but also for the heart, nervous system and even the beauty of the skin. And did you know that its antagonist - bitter taste - has the opposite effect not only on the taste buds, but also on the general state of health? Good news for those with a sweet tooth: adding food with a bitter taste to the diet is much easier than it seems at first.
Kurban Bayram - the Feast of Sacrifice - one of the main and one of the two canonical Islamic holidays, dedicated to the end of the Hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca. The holiday of Kurban Bayram falls on the 70th day after the holiday of Uraza Bayram and on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah. This year, Kurban Bayram begins to be celebrated on September 1. The celebration lasts 3 days.
In this article, learn more about Why You Should Start Your Day With Oatmeal. Let's remember the reasons to start eating oatmeal more often..
This strange and exotic kitchen appliance with an unusual name is not often found in the arsenal of our housewives. Although tagine has been used in different countries of the world for several centuries.
It seems that if you can find people who are indifferent to burgers, then everyone loves pizza. So, let's learn how to make Neapolitan pizza at home.
What do celery and hummus have in common? And pink pepper and bitter chocolate? All of them live on different shelves, but if you put them together, they form unobvious and delicious gastronomic combinations. Let's remember a couple of interesting combinations of products.
The caloric content of the athlete's diet between the seasons of sports games should provide the possibility of gaining mass, and during the competition — to maintain the condition + take into account the costs of physical exertion. The approximate caloric content of the daily ration for game sports is equal to 4500-5500 kcal for men weighing about 70 kg, 4000-5000 kcal for women weighing about 60 kg. However, it is very
Recently, on the Internet and beyond, you can find many offers for the sale of elite vodka (such as Finlandia, Absolut, Jelzin) in tetrapacks. Needless to say, the price of these drinks is suspiciously attractive. Is this true or another manipulation by unscrupulous sellers? It should be mentioned that such cases do not happen for the first time, and almost every time the amount of vodka in tetrapacks is noticeable
Let's try to figure out what are the main sources of fructose, how much it can be consumed without harm to health, and how its excess affects the body.
We already know that breakfast is an important part of the daily menu. Some dishes can help you feel full longer and give you energy for the whole day, while some, on the contrary, will take away your energy and cause discomfort in your stomach. What's more, eating the right food in the morning on a regular basis can prevent certain diseases and strengthen immunity, contributing to a longer and healthier life.
Let's be honest: everyone loves dessert: cake, pie, cookies, etc. After all, it is so nice to enjoy something sweet in the morning with coffee, in the evening with tea, or at any other time of the day. And what holiday or friendly meeting is without dessert. To satisfy all wishes, we present you recipes that will not leave anyone indifferent. Each of these recipes does not require a lot of time, effort and
Sports nutrition and sports supplements are a separate group of food products and biologically active supplements intended for people who are engaged in sports and fitness, as well as lead an active lifestyle and want to improve their health and sports results thanks to the correct use of the body's resources and optimal recovery after physical exertion.
Many of us want, as in a fairy tale, to eat something tasty and useful - and immediately become beautiful and healthy, or vice versa, to give up 2-3 harmful products and ensure eternal youth. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our beauty and health do not depend on individual products, but on complex processes occurring inside the body. And they, in turn, are related to ours
Cholesterol war was declared 10 years ago. Let's find out why this fight makes no sense and which contradictory beliefs about cholesterol are not entirely true.
Simple and custard, formal and chocolate, fruity and spicy, monastic and royal - there are countless recipes for Easter Passover, because it is an irreplaceable component of the festive table, a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the cleansing of man from sin.
Whether you like to enjoy making your coffee and tasting it directly, or you prefer to go to the coffee shop near your house and order an espresso - for many people, coffee is as essential a part of the morning as brushing their teeth. This morning habit can have an impact not only on energy levels, but also on brain function.
A calabash (calabash) is a vessel made from a calabash tree or a dried pumpkin. This dish is most common in Africa, South America and New Guinea. Calabasas will be made for storing and brewing local traditional drinks, in particular mate. Dishes are often decorated with ethnic ornaments, bright painting or carving of various drawings.
In this article, learn more about How To Make The Perfect Scramble. Let's find out from the experts how to properly prepare scramble..
New diets and nutrition advice from bloggers and stars with perfect figures are often changing and not always based on science, leading to a false idea of ​​what healthy eating is. Moreover, many still adhere to outdated rules of health care, which can only harm in modern conditions. Let's remind ourselves of some common myths about
The human body constantly needs energy for the stable operation of all systems and organs. Calories for a person are a kind of fuel that provides the body with this energy. The daily rate of calories is understood as the number of calories that the human body needs for vital activities, maintaining the body in a healthy state and in good shape, without accumulating extra kilograms —
Starting from the 20th of August, beekeepers need to gradually prepare bees for winter. Various tips can be taken into account when caring for bees, but there is no optimal recipe for how to behave in each specific situation.
Based on general recommendations for athletes of various sports, examples of approximate diets can be given. However, you should not absolutize these nutritional schemes, because they must be adapted to the individual regime and characteristics of athletes.
Food products are sources of substances from which hormones, enzymes and other regulators of metabolic processes are synthesized. Metabolism completely depends on the nature of food. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are inseparable. The food we consume ensures constant renewal, development of body cells and tissues, and is a source of energy. The founder of dietetics —
Proper attention to what our body receives with food is of great importance for cognitive health. Most of the unwanted symptoms can be avoided if you take care of a balanced diet and proper food intake. Let's find out what eating habits negatively affect the brain.
Many recipes begin with the words - Boil the broth. If at this stage you immediately switch to simpler recipes, it's time to deal with this culinary point. Let's learn about the differences between different types of broths and how to prepare them better.
Today on store shelves you can find a wide variety of fruits, berries and vegetables throughout the year. Finding ripe strawberries in January or juicy tomatoes in early March is easy. But does this mean that the seasonality of products is an outdated criterion that can be ignored when drawing up a daily menu? Let's remember the main products of autumn and try to add them
In order for the products to be stored for a long time, in addition to the correct temperature regime and air humidity, you also need to think about the packaging. It should take into account the properties of the product and the conditions in which it will be stored. Food packaging must simultaneously protect products from drying out, from absorbing extraneous odors and oxygen access, which supports biochemical
If we did not try, sometimes it is difficult to understand the nutritional value of a particular product in the supermarket. All because many manufacturers deliberately use loud misleading names or veiled labeling tactics to make their product more attractive. Let's find out which ingredients in products should be avoided.
For your attention, a selection of simple and nutritious dishes that everyone can prepare.
Nutritionists often disagree, but there is one piece of advice nutritionists agree on: everyone needs to eat more vegetables. The basis of any healthy diet is vegetables, because they contain many nutrients and few calories. Many studies show that a diet rich in vegetables helps prevent chronic diseases, in particular
They say the human body is a temple. In this case, hormones are his gray cardinal, which affects not only the mood, but also the size of clothes. Genetics, diet and 30 minutes of planks do not guarantee slimness, because there is a hidden factor that controls weight - hormones.
Hearty salads and bowls are becoming more and more popular: balanced dishes that combine vegetables and greens, cereals and other ingredients, easily replace the combo of a side dish and a hot dish, and they are also good for any meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch , or dinner. How to put together a salad bowl at home that will replace an entire lunch? What to add to the dish for satiety and brightness
Here are tips on how to balance your diet and stabilize your blood sugar. Nutritionist and author of the My Food is Health program Brigid Tietgemeier explains how to adjust the glycemic load and train the body to work stably without unhealthy fluctuations in blood sugar.
There are many myths about diabetes that have seriously confused facts and assumptions. Since the enemy, and even such an insidious one, must be known face to face, let's try to figure out how to overcome a dangerous disease, and at the same time get rid of popular misconceptions.
Even an experienced cook can sometimes make mistakes while cooking. But will this always lead to the fact that the dish will go to the trash and all the expenses (time, effort, money, in the end) will go to waste? Very often a spoiled dish (oversalted, burnt, overdried, etc.) can be saved. It is enough to know a few simple and easy tips.
Conservation in our imagination appeared in the 18th century - when Napoleon announced the search for new ways to store food as long as possible. It is believed that the beginning of conservation was the needs of the army. Fruits and vegetables, which occupy a significant part of the diet of each person, are seasonal. That is why you need to take care of their preparation and storage in order to be able to enjoy them
Chitmil. Most of all, everyone talks about its benefits, and whether it is really so undeniable. Let's try to understand this issue.
If you are used to eating porridge for breakfast, and not only for breakfast, then you should learn how to make this process more varied and tastier.
Many people begin to exercise actively to get a beautiful and toned body, but in most cases, physical activity alone is not enough. Here are some nutrition tips that will help you get closer to your cherished goal and get a healthy, beautiful and toned body.
Nutrition has always been, is and will be almost the most important problem of humanity. Many are currently thinking about issues such as food quality and safety, the stability and availability of food and resources, and ultimately hunger and poverty in rural and developing countries. Today, these organizations are doing a tremendous job in order to
Excess sugar - according to the WHO - is 25 g or 6 tsp. of sugar per day. It is interesting that many people consume this amount only in the first couple of hours after waking up, during breakfast (cereals, cookies, sweet yogurt, sweetened tea). Why is it so difficult for us to give it up? And are there healthy alternatives to sugar?
Cooking dinner at home is a good way to get tasty, filling and healthy meals. However, some habits prevent you from achieving maximum taste and benefit in dinner. Let's find out what should not be done so that delicious dishes do not turn into heaviness in the stomach and excess weight.
Holidays in Bulgaria are a reflection of ancient traditions and beliefs of the people who live in this area of ​​the Balkan Peninsula. Not the last place in these celebrations belongs to delicious treats.
How much time do you spend in the store choosing a wine? There are characteristics by which you can choose a good wine without opening the bottle.
Effective weight loss requires a combination of proper nutrition and exercise. The body should not suffer from a lack of useful substances, as it is necessary to prepare a menu that is balanced and filled with vitamins. Let's learn more about nutrition during sports.
What to eat for breakfast to lose weight - avocado toast or an omelette? Is it all at once?
Should we believe in the power of therapeutic fasting for better brain function and digestion?
The desire to find some special recipe for beauty seems so comprehensive that it often makes us forget about time-tested, but such banal methods. They are known to everyone: get enough sleep, spend more time in the fresh air, avoid stress and foods that cause inflammation, properly cleanse the skin. Not the last item on this list should be the refusal of alcohol, but this is not enough
As a rule, there are warehouses in every district of a large city or in every small city. In general, prices in such markets or bases are 10-15% higher than in the cheapest grocery store. Buying food in a group is a great alternative to small but frequent purchases. There are quite a few foods that we eat every day that have a long shelf life or can be preserved
How often do you go to the pastry shop around the corner to treat yourself to dessert at the end of a hard day's work? And what do you do when you're sad: watch your favorite TV series while eating ice cream? Modern science calls this behavior emotional hunger. It is he who is suspected of the ineffectiveness of various diets. Modern specialists who work with obesity are increasingly looking for the root of the problem
What could be better than relaxing after hard work in front of the TV screen watching a football match, and even just an interesting movie. Or simply organize gatherings with friends to watch football or play a video game. For the completeness of the picture, only something tasty is missing. So as not to fill your stomach with store-bought, and not always as tasty as
Let's remind ourselves which products must be present in the diet for maximum effective protection against viruses and bacteria.
How is alcohol-free wine made? What does it taste like? And why are some sommeliers biased towards such wines? Let's find out the opinion of sommeliers and bartenders.
A group of scientists from Northwestern University (Illinois), led by biologist-anthropologist William Leonard and with the participation of doctoral student Asher Rosinger, is studying the life of chimane to learn what the inhabitants of the rainforest eat. Scientists are particularly interested in changes in the state of health of Indians with the transition from traditional nutrition and an active lifestyle to exchanging the gifts of the forest for
It is difficult to draw unequivocal conclusions about whether organic foods are much healthier than conventional vegetables and fruits. However, organic processed foods often contain significantly fewer ingredients that have negative health effects than non-organic ones. Here are the benefits and strengths of organic food.
Aphrodisiacs are products and substances that have the ability to increase libido, so to speak, "chemically". First of all, only plants with the corresponding properties were called aphrodisiacs, and then foods and smells were added to this group. The first means for complete love pleasure was the apple that Eve gave Adam. Since then, people have discovered among the ordinary
One of the most important roles in the celebration of Easter is reserved for Easter. Like the holiday itself, baking has an ancient origin and symbolizes the heavenly kingdom and resurrection, unity with God. Let's learn a few secrets that will help you prepare a delicious paska.
"Where there is no medical nutrition, there is no rational treatment." - M. I. Pevzner. Therapeutic nutrition is a reliable means of preventing the exacerbation of chronic diseases, an important component of rehabilitation programs, and a means of preventing the transition of the disease into a chronic form. Also known as diet therapy. It represents an organized food system based on
In this article, learn more about Danger Of Plant Food. Let's learn more about the dangerous aspects of eating plants..
Tea drinking is one of the most simple and ancient rituals that help to exhale, calm down and at the same time refresh and recharge with energy. Herbal teas are really calming and help restore balance even in a pretty crazy environment. Moreover, modern researchers have discovered that judiciously selected herbal collections can help in the fight against stress and bad
Shop salad (Shop salad), casseroles, kavarma, kiopolu, chutney, moussaka, kebabs, meatballs, baklava and Kadaif. Sour milk (kiselo mlyka) and white cheese (syrene, Shopsky cheese) are the most typical of Bulgarian cuisine. These traditional national dishes and products have made Bulgaria famous all over the world and which, in various forms and forms, are always present on the table of Bulgarians. Here he is -
Friendly Bulgaria has long been known to our residents, well, only as a beach resort and as a wine-producing state. It is confidently among the top ten countries in terms of the number of wine-producing vineyards, and Bulgarian wines, which are produced at a rate of 10 million hectoliters per year, are popular not only among tourists vacationing on its beaches, but also outside the country.
Eggs are a symbol of the beginning of life and at the same time a reminder that God sacrificed himself to give us all new life. Easter eggs and Easter eggs are traditionally prepared. Pysanka were not eaten, but were made as charms, and they were eaten with krashanka and drapanka during the festive meal.
From time to time, or regularly, we are all familiar with it: feeling exhausted and tired in the evening, but unable to fall asleep. If we talk about the quality of sleep, it is influenced by many factors: the level of activity during the day, psychological state, external stimuli, as well as nutrition. Some of the popular foods that we eat regularly, and especially if we abuse them at dinner,
Citrus fruits are a treasure trove of vitamins and benefits, fresh taste and exquisite aroma.
The combination of products is an important point and gives quick results. Some foods consumed together require 2-3 times more time for absorption.
Iron is one of the most important minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body. A small volume of this trace element (about ⅔) is in the hemoglobin of the blood, because it is important to monitor its level, to undergo regular checks and, if necessary, to change your diet.
Let's find out the answers to the main questions about fish, the secrets of cooking this dish and some appetizing and simple recipes.
Sometimes there is nothing more tempting than a late night snack. You had dinner a few hours ago, you are watching your favorite series or reading an exciting book, and a piece of pizza or cake left in the refrigerator appears before your eyes. Is it so bad to have a snack before bed? How big of a problem can it become and will it interfere with sleep?
It would seem true, but in the pursuit of total savings, it can be overlooked and neglected. In no case should you skimp on baby food: it must be complete and high-quality. Poor nutrition at an early age leads to insufficient physical and mental development. The only allowed and even recommended way to save on baby food is
In this article, learn more about Dietary Foods That Contain A Lot Of Calories. Hidden calories in diet food to be aware of..
Mushroom picking season begins. When we return from the forest with a basket of mushrooms, they must be prepared quickly - fresh ones do not last long. Let's learn how to quickly salt or pickle mushrooms.
A week in holiday mode - and the numbers on the scales are already moving beyond the ideal. There are a few more holiday feasts ahead that can pose a threat to the waistline, because it's time to remember the basic rules that will help keep the metabolism in a healthy state and protect against extra pounds.
What should you start the morning with in order not to feel hungry and tired by lunchtime? Here are some low-calorie breakfast products that will give you a boost of energy and will not harm your figure.
Let's learn more about vitamins and products that will restore vigor and increase productivity in winter.
Fat is an important organ that produces hormonally active substances, such as resistin, adiponectin, leptin, without which a person cannot live and, moreover, reproduce. However, the topic How to remove visceral fat in search engines is ahead of the query How to remove subcutaneous fat. It's time to learn more about this problem.
For your attention, autumn dishes, popular among residents of Paris and Provence.
In this article, learn more about Is It Harmful To Use A Microwave?. Why you should not be afraid of microwaves and what you need to know..
To transform the "heart of the house", it is not necessary to spend money on buying a new kitchen.
In fact, it is not so difficult to eat for free, or at least to have a snack, especially abroad, and sometimes even at home. And it's not even a matter of greed. Consider that most people buy far more products than a person actually needs, and as a result, it all ends up in the trash - first. And, secondly, there are different life situations. There are several ways how
It has been said more than once that one of the most important components of proper weight loss is reducing the number of daily calorie intake, creating a deficit.
Speaking about food digestion, you can think of one saying. In one of his books, the Italian writer Fabio Volo wrote: "If the bottom button of the shirt is fastened incorrectly, then all the others will be fastened incorrectly. There are many mistakes in life, which are not mistakes in themselves, but the result of the first button that is fastened incorrectly. And this saying suits everyone very well
How often do you eat fish? Which one do you like and where do you usually buy it? These questions are relevant today because what we eat has a direct impact on our health.
About 65% of the weight of the human body is water. Water is necessary for maintaining the health and vitality of every cell of our body. Every day, a person loses about 2.5 liters of water, so he needs to replenish his liquid reserves. Water provides metabolism, digestion and nutrition of all organs and systems, transport of nutrients, as well as protection of tissues and
A lot of liquid is a good help for the body during a viral infection. Doctors of various specialties agree with this. Water takes part in the process of saturating the blood with oxygen, as well as in the removal of toxins, as it is indispensable for the harmonious functioning of the immune system. An important recommendation for any respiratory disease is to ensure a high level of body hydration,
Drinks are a significant part of our diet. Saving part of the budget on drinks is actually not difficult. It is enough just to exclude the consumption of unnecessary liquid and to worry about the quality of the necessary liquid. Let's find out how to stabilize the costs of drinks without depriving yourself of a clean and high-quality source of moisture.
Over the years of forced food abstinence, spicy food in our country has acquired a negative reputation for its alleged ability to cause health problems - from gastritis to ulcers. Undoubtedly, too spicy food requires the skills of a professional fire eater, but in moderate variations it is not only not harmful, but even beneficial for health. Do not burn your stomach with a lot of spices
Breakdowns during weight loss are a fairly common phenomenon. There are several tips that will help you return to proper nutrition.
Let's find out which fruits are the most useful for health and beauty. The beneficial properties of fruits are not limited to shock doses of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.
If you don't try to eat well, you can accidentally make bad decisions when it comes to diet. There is also good news - our body usually sends signals that something is wrong with our diet. Paying attention to these warnings, you can understand what eating habits need to be changed to improve well-being and health.
Recently, peanut butter has become a very popular superfood. Its mild nutty flavor makes it a good spread for sandwiches, a great addition to smoothies, and a delicious dip for most appetizers. In principle, peanut paste is a healthy addition to the diet. However, its excessive amount can create an additional burden on the body in general and the digestive system in particular, which causes
Cycle sports include cycling, long-distance running, and rowing. There are certain differences within the group that must be taken into account.
If you have contracted the coronavirus, you are most likely aware of the residual symptoms that can persist for some time after recovery: loss of taste and smell, general weakness, apathy, depressed mood, and increased anxiety. Not the last role in the process of recovery after an illness is played by nutrition. Let's find out the opinion of a specialist about how to change yours
There are several techniques that will help you get used to drinking water regularly.
Za'atar is a classic Middle Eastern mixture of herbs and spices, the appetizing aroma of which goes well with almost all foods. The ingredients included in the seasoning are useful for health, and when combined, they become even more effective. Let's learn more about what zaatar is, how it is made, what it is eaten with, and what are its benefits.
After a long New Year's mayonnaise binge, the middle of winter is just the time to switch to light breakfasts and smoothies.
Healthy eating habits are not always easy to acquire, but they are often essential when it comes to metabolism. Stop overeating and forgetting about vegetables, and you will feel better very quickly. A healthy and fast metabolism contributes to the overall health of a person. It allows you to get the maximum amount of useful substances from food, efficiently spend calories and not accumulate them in the form
Harmful products that need to be urgently and permanently excluded from the diet do not exist. However, we should all take care of our health and choose those products from which we can get the maximum benefit.
We all know that eating salad is good, but do we all know what types of greens can be used? Moreover, different types of lettuce have somewhat different nutritional value. For your attention, the rating of different types of greens for salad according to their usefulness — in order from the least to the most useful. However, do not forget that any salad is better than none at all.
The culture and traditions of Turkey are very rich, and confectionery is not left out. From the time of the Ottoman Empire to today, many traditional recipes of sweets have been preserved, with which even the Sultan was treated. It will not be enough to say that Turkish desserts are very diverse.
Pancakes made of whole grain flour, buckwheat noodles, barley soup - many dishes can be prepared with grain. Which is not surprising. In addition, cereals are an important part of the diet, because most of them contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. That is why it would not hurt for all of us to add more whole grains to our daily menu.
Today, teaching kids to eat healthy is more than just encouraging them to eat a portion of Brussels sprouts. Healthy food will help replenish children's energy reserves, sharpen the mind and "level" the emotional state. By loving fruits and vegetables at a young age, children will continue to develop these food preferences, which will help reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease
Nutritionists emphasize that you need to eat more fiber. And when it comes to foods that are high in dietary fiber, what comes to mind? Oatmeal is one of the main contenders, and it's always praised as a heart-healthy, fiber-rich breakfast. Both of these facts are true, and the benefits of oatmeal do not end there. But there are many
Vitamins are very important for humans, because they trigger most of the physiological reactions in our body. The lack of vitamins is reflected in the well-being and appearance, condition and functionality of tissues and internal organs, and make our body very vulnerable to the action of external stimuli.
For your attention, a list of foods that are safe for the figure, which you can eat throughout the day and not worry about losing weight, approved by nutritionists.
Chocolate is loved by almost everyone, at almost any age and form. Over hundreds of years, it has turned from a bitter medicine into a sweet dessert. Today, modern chocolatiers continue to experiment with chocolate and change the classic composition according to the requirements of the time - for example, reducing the amount of sugar in the dessert. Let's learn more about what makes real chocolate, what a dessert
As soon as we don't call the knife mezzaluna: in online stores you can often find the name "knife for felling", and on various culinary blogs - shinkovka, kalkalka, or even sichka in general. By the way, mezzaluna does not chop or chop. Chops - yes. And swings. But this knife chops and swings precisely because of its shape. And at least out of respect for this form to translate
Aging is a natural, biologically regular process. It is based on slowing down a number of physiological and biochemical reactions, reducing resistance to external factors, etc. Elderly people experience suppression of all body systems, including the digestive system. However, the aging process can be slowed down or accelerated through nutrition. Energy value
Let's talk about coffee. How much coffee is considered excessive? If you do not count, then during the week you can drink a lot of this drink. If you are used to consuming more than 4 cups of coffee a day or like to go to the coffee shop near your house for a sweet latte every morning before work, you need to pay attention to what side effects may indicate that you are drinking too much coffee.
To overcome cravings for sweets, it is important to add foods to your diet that will provide the body with nutrients and keep you feeling full longer. Let's find out what kind of food it is.
Let's remember the most popular of unhealthy healthy foods that can be found in the kitchen of most of us. Many products are very successful at pretending to be useful, even in such a way that you do not immediately recognize the trap.
Most trainers consider it correct to mix a synthetic version in the form of protein powder or BCAA with natural products, maintaining a balance. And, of course, they are all supporters of protein and proper "refueling" after training.
Let's find out how to improve your metabolism and make your body burn calories all day without interruption.
When going to the corner store, the market or a large supermarket for groceries, never forget one of the most important rules of a smart shopper - always carefully study the expiration date of the product you are going to buy. This will help prevent the purchase of low-quality products, which will firstly save your money, and secondly, your nerves. Very often, there are two on the shelf next to each other
Any serious lifestyle changes have an impact on the body and health, and changing the diet is no exception. If you are thinking about switching to a plant-based diet or have already made such a decision, do not rush: this process should be approached responsibly and consciously. Let's learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to make the transition
As you know, models carefully monitor their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Let's find out what famous beauties eat for breakfast.
Breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet and a productive day. However, depending on the products we choose for breakfast, the result can be the opposite. Let's learn more about foods and breakfast foods that should be limited or avoided in order to reduce inflammation.
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners also have much more importance in our lives than is commonly believed. Try to immerse yourself in childhood memories - you will probably find a couple of warm family stories in one way or another related to food. Often, a lot of important and interesting things happened at the table - holidays, long-awaited meetings, exchange of the latest news. Despite the fact that through
Autumn is a great time for changes and innovations in lifestyle. For example, you have long thought about starting a habit of taking lunch with you to work. Corporate lunches are either expensive, or not very useful, or tasteless, or all together. Compared to homemade food, most ready-made options will still be worse. Here's just how to organize to cook
Power sports are weightlifting and power triathlon. From a sports point of view, bodybuilding is included in the same group, due to the peculiarities of training, although the diet of bodybuilders is different. In the period between competitions, athletes can engage in intensive weight gain, mainly at the expense of muscles - in order to increase strength or move to the next weight class
For your attention, protein products that can be used to replace meat without harming health. If you decide to switch to a plant-based diet, it is important to add to your diet products that can replace meat without harming your health, providing the body with a similar set of nutrients - high-quality protein, probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Chocolate is one of the most popular and favorite desserts in the whole world. It is valued for its incredible taste and useful properties, which, however, often become the cause of disputes. Let's learn more about these sweets, and also learn how to choose the right chocolate without betraying a healthy lifestyle.
In this article, learn more about What Foods Should Not Be Eaten On An Empty Stomach. What products to add or exclude from breakfast to make it more useful..
It is hard to imagine Valentine's Day without handmade sweets. And if someone has not yet chosen a way to greet people dear to their heart, we offer a heartfelt shortbread recipe and instructions for painting it. Preparing a Valentine is a creative, individual process, so any deviations from the instructions are welcome.
Recently, the blood type diet has not lost its popularity. It is mentioned in the media, and many Hollywood stars adhere to it. Let's find out the nutritionist's opinion on how to distinguish myths from the truth, and scientific data from another fashionable trend. Also, we will learn the answers to the main questions about this food system. Does the blood type diet have quality
Let's learn the recipes of the most popular French salads for every day to inspire culinary achievements.
In the 21st century, absolutely everything can be faked. Wine is no exception in this case. Let's learn about the most common ways of counterfeiting wine.
Let's find out which fish is the most useful, and what happened when a beluga and a sterlet were crossed.
In an effort to lose weight, many people try various methods of correcting excess weight: small meals, refusal of carbohydrates, mono-diet, fasting and many other things. However, often even the most effective methods do not work. They stopped eating after 18:00, and the excess weight remained. You eat little by little 6-7 times a day, but you can't lose weight. Eat only the most useful and
In order to optimize your food expenses, it is not enough to know how to plan your menu and buy products correctly. No less important aspect is the correct storage of products. What to do with products bought in reserve, or with seasonal vegetables and fruits that you want to enjoy in winter, but without overpaying for their greenhouse counterparts in supermarkets. Different methods
According to UN forecasts, by 2050 another 2 billion earthlings will be added. Half of them will be born in sub-Saharan Africa, another 30% in South and Southeast Asia. It is these regions, according to forecasts, that will suffer the most from the consequences of climate change: droughts, heat waves, extreme weather conditions in general. "In the last 20 years, the growth of productivity, especially of cereals, has been slowing down -
Add chicken broth - this expression can be found in a third of recipes for hot dishes. Broth can be a base for risotto and some types of pasta, a base for stewing vegetables or meat, or an important ingredient in soups. But how to prepare the right broth - not lean, and not too rich, transparent, without sweetness in taste, and with a pleasant golden
Whether you prefer eggs in the form of an omelet or scrambled eggs, there are many healthy supplements that will stimulate fat burning. Although you will always be right to simply add vegetables and herbs to the eggs. For your attention, products that will add even more benefits to an egg breakfast.
Today, the issue of immunity comes to the fore. Let's find out which sea creatures are on guard for immunity.
Nutrition plays a very important role in the training of highly qualified athletes. The athlete's diet should fully ensure the body's consumption of energy and nutrients during physical exertion, constantly maintain work capacity and a high level of sports training, and also ensure the fastest possible recovery of the body
On the eve of the New Year, one of the ways to create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones is to gather together to bake New Year's cookies. Sugar, ginger, shortbread - fresh, fragrant and crunchy - it will be a great addition to the dessert program of the feast. For your attention, the best recipes for New Year's cookies.
Because of its simple design, the grill is a very adaptable and versatile tool. This is a great way to quickly grill steaks or hamburgers and get attractive brown streaks on hot dogs in sausages. However, you can cook many other things on the grill. The smoky, smoky taste goes well with many foods: salty and sweet, fruits and vegetables, pizza and guacamole.
Truth is in wine, and health is in water. How much water do you need to drink to stay in shape?
Citrus fruits - in the morning, bananas - after evening training and other fruits according to the schedule.
Eating huge portions and losing weight is the cherished dream of most people struggling with excess weight. However, almost 10 years ago, a nutritionist from the United States, Barbara Rolls, successfully proved that this is indeed possible. She called her nutrition system the Volumetrics Diet. Let's find out how the diet works, what are its pros and cons.
Do you wake up every morning with a dream of rest, and by the evening you are still deep in boredom? It is worth starting work on restoring the body's acid-alkaline balance. Every food we eat gives an acid or alkaline reaction after digestion. If the natural balance between acid and alkali levels in the body is disturbed, all systems begin to malfunction.
Dinner is as important a meal as breakfast. Especially for those who are used to working or having fun late. Let's learn more about the dishes that are best eaten in the evening.
How to feed the ever-growing global population will be one of the most important and complex problems in the coming decades.
We all know the components of a healthy diet, which a priori are considered incredibly useful. For your attention, the most dangerous addictions to useful substances, which have become especially popular recently.
What to taste in Rome besides pasta and pizza? Let's learn more about Roman cuisine, as well as dishes that you must try there.
Anyone who cares about their own health, of course, follows certain rules in eating. And, sooner or later (more often - early:)), the question arises, what would be "tasty" to eat with tea or coffee?
When preparing to cook mushrooms, you need to imagine very well that their fruiting bodies are a heavy, low-nutrient food, which can be made light and nutritious with proper processing.
An overdose of vitamins carries no less danger than their deficiency. The situation is complicated by the fact that some symptoms of hypervitaminosis (as in the case of vitamin A, for example) can be mistaken for signs of vitamin deficiency — dry skin, brittle nails, etc.
Diets are very different, because it is better to choose a suitable regime without strict rules, which you can withstand without much effort. After New Year's feasts, it is just good to relieve the body.
Drinking a glass of wine from time to time is not scary, if you know the measure. But if you notice any of the following signs, it's time to think about reducing your alcohol consumption or giving it up altogether.
There are some things that are not reported on food labels. The real effect of this or that food on the body and the amount of nutrients that a particular person will receive depends on him and is quite individual. A 2012 study by American scientists published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition surprised everyone who counts calories. It turned out to be living people
The most delicious recipes of warm salads for the summer, which will not leave you indifferent.
Let's find out which meat to choose for a burger, how and on what to cook a cutlet at home and what to do with the sauce.
Today, the word "fermented" appears on the menu of every decent and more or less progressive restaurant, and dishes with fermented ingredients are characterized by a rich and bright taste. Let's find out what makes foods fermented and how it happens.
Bacteria found in food can be both useful for the body and pathogenic - which usually cause food poisoning of varying severity. Beneficial bacteria include probiotics (lacto- and bifidobacteria) and prebiotics. They are mainly found in fermented milk products. Beneficial bacteria stimulate and normalize digestion and metabolic processes in the body,
2.5 liters of water that every inhabitant of the planet needs to drink during the day is, fortunately, a myth that has long been debunked. The amount of water you need depends on many factors: climate, level of physical activity, health. However, there are still many questions about water that should be mentioned. Let's find out the answers to the most popular of them.
In a world where people get light calories and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the problem of obesity and related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. has become acute. Let's find out if adipose tissue is really so insidious and how its excess or lack affects the body.
What else can you eat or drink to strengthen your immunity and fend off diseases.
Nutrition can both enhance the effect of training and reduce it to nothing. For some reason, making the right fitness menu is much more important than, say, buying good sports clothes. The most correct approach is individual: an experienced athlete needs a completely different diet than a girl who practices yoga several times a week. However, there are general recommendations
The price of the product depends on many factors: manufacturer, quality, brand and packaging. Very often we overpay specifically for the packaging and the brand, as this is subconscious advertising of the product, for which the manufacturer spends a lot of money. Remember that your goal is to buy a good and inexpensive product, and the task of marketers is to induce us to spend several times more. Why not try?
In recent years, we have become much more confident in foreign online shopping, believing that imported goods are in many ways superior to ours. Not only in price, but also in quality. Therefore, it is quite natural that along with shoes, clothes, appliances and various accessories, shoppers are happy to order food products from abroad on the "World Wide Web". Let's try
Remember, fasting is not fasting or a diet (although many people use this period precisely to lose weight), but a period of spiritual cleansing. However, it is better to contact a priest for explanations of the religious meaning of fasting. And in this article we will talk about how to properly observe fasting from the point of view of healthy eating.
For your attention, a list of kitchen equipment items with which you can consider yourself a fairly well-armed cook.
It seems like everyone is talking about the importance of gut health lately. From the benefits of taking probiotics to consuming foods high in fiber, gut health remains a top concern for many nutritionists and health professionals. And not for nothing. According to research, a healthy gut is extremely important for preventing chronic diseases, for
Hesitating between the love of sweets and the desire to lose weight? There is a way out! Here are a few desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth and not so painfully hit your figure.
In this article, learn more about Products For Energy And Vitality. Products that charge energy for the whole day..
Probably, one of the cherished dreams of every second inhabitant of the planet is to eat and not get fat. Many are actively interested in the secrets of their colleagues who have lost weight and, taking all their will into a fist, refuse a piece of chocolate or pizza. Let's find out, is it possible to lose weight without strict diets?
Today, there are more than 8,000 scientific papers investigating the health effects of sugar. But more often we underestimate the scale of the threat and from time to time please ourselves with an almond croissant in addition to a cup of our favorite coffee. And sometimes we don't notice the danger at all.
Avoiding fast food and added sugar, making a varied menu, carefully reading labels are important, but not the only principles of healthy eating. Such seemingly insignificant components of the daily diet as spices play an important role not only in the taste of dishes, but also in our well-being.
Food is the main source of energy and nutrients for the human body. Also, food is one of the types of pleasure - who among us does not like to eat. However, very often our favorite dishes can harm us, cause mild discomfort, or even lead to serious health problems. He will tell you everything you need to know about food safety
Have eaten - you can sleep. Sleep - you can eat. Let's find out why afternoon drowsiness occurs and how to deal with it.
Despite the fact that the territory of our country is quite rich in various types of mushrooms, they began to be eaten later than in many other countries. Today, let's remember mushrooms that are less popular in our latitudes, which, however, are common in other countries, and recently they are increasingly found in our restaurants and supermarkets.
In order to prepare a perfect large piece of meat, you must follow several rules.
There are many ways of cooking, but not all of them are good for health. The spectrum of useful and harmful properties of dishes that we will get as a result of cooking in one way or another is very different. Here are the best and worst cooking methods, ranked from least to most useful.
The environmental risks of food production and the problems of disposal of food waste are discussed in a new report prepared for the International Wildlife Fund (WWF). If the population of the Earth continues to grow as it is now, and the methods of food production and food preferences of people do not change, by 2050 this could lead to catastrophic consequences. The authors came to this conclusion
We can say that we need 4 components to prepare a meal: products, dishes, appliances and, of course, a cook. Because in order to cook and eat economically, you need to take care of savings at all levels. We have already more or less figured out how to save on food, but now let's talk about how to save on kitchen appliances. What should they be - economical and
There was no alternative before. If you want to quickly boil water for tea, buy an electric kettle. Today, another useful device called thermopot appeared. How does it differ from a kettle and what is better to buy for everyday use?
Useful tips for choosing a hall for your celebration, such as a wedding or corporate party. A well-chosen restaurant can make the celebration of a solemn event unforgettable, leave a pleasant impression on guests and holiday organizers. Insignificant, at first glance, flaws (dim lighting, lack of air conditioning, or an inappropriately set table) can spoil your holiday. Especially
Here are the best sweet potato recipes that are easy to make and may become your new crown dishes.
Japanese ramen, Vietnamese pho and nema, Georgian khinkali and khachapuri are replaced by Indian naans and curry, along with chutney, chapati, daal and much more. Let's find out what all these obscure words from India mean and also what they taste like.
Different types of martial arts have a different nature of loads, due to which different requirements are placed on the nutrition of athletes for each type.
It will not be a secret for anyone that after a long cold winter our body needs support. To avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as vitamin deficiency, you should pay attention to nutrition - and then nothing will overshadow the arrival of the long-awaited warmth. Let's find out what products should be added to the diet in the spring in order to be in good shape.
Easter is the most joyful of all Christian holidays, because this religious event symbolizes the victory of life over death, the awakening of nature and the beginning of a new life. The celebration of the Resurrection of Christ takes place all over the world with great pomp, with festive processions in the USA and Italy, and, of course, festive tables rich in various delicacies all over the world.
What is being done in the world and in Ukraine to help those in need during the quarantine, and how you can join the fight against the coronavirus.
If you drink coffee, you've probably read more than once about how the drink helps prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, how it helps you perk up before a workout, and how many antioxidants it contains. But you can't draw an incomplete picture about the properties of a particular product, concentrating on its benefits and ignoring other, not so useful consequences of consumption.
It is worth trying an anti-inflammatory diet if you often feel lethargic, sleepy 24/7, and recently started getting frequent colds and live with chronic autoimmune diseases.
The main traditional attribute of Easter is the Easter basket. Many consider the preparation and consecration of the Easter basket to be the most important holiday ritual. The following products should be placed in the Easter basket: pasta, eggs, dairy, meat.
The last week of summer is coming to an end, have time to do all the planned things from the list you wrote in early spring. Of course, you won't be able to lose weight by the summer, but throwing a loud party and eating watermelons - yes.
Italian chefs know everything about pasta and a little more. Let's find out too.
A new trend is coming to replace vegetarianism and veganism, raw food and the paleo diet. His name is paganism. Paganism, also known as paganism, is one of the latest trends in the world of weight loss. Basically, it's a mix of veganism and the paleo diet.
One of the effective strategies for maintaining and improving immunity is a healthy diet. It is not so much about singling out a specific product or supplement, but about a combination of all products that are included in the daily diet. An effective nutritional system that will help support immunity is an anti-inflammatory diet that includes the following principles.
Carbohydrates are important for health, and unless you have a medical condition that requires you to avoid this food group, you should eat them regularly. It is important to remember that not all carbohydrates are created equal. Let's learn about which carbohydrates are good and which are better to avoid.
How to understand that you need a detox and other important questions about cleansing the body.
Genetically modified products are products obtained from transgenic (genetically modified) organisms. What does it mean that a foreign gene or a gene of another organism is introduced into one organism. Genetic modifications follow two main goals: to improve the nutritional properties of products and to increase yield. It will not be superfluous to understand what genetically modified ones are
We constantly hear or read about products that do not actually bring any health benefits and do not saturate our body with the necessary nutrients. Such products, bought under the influence of advertising, advantageous placement on store shelves, mood or temporary impulse, cause a significant blow to our wallet, increasing costs and negating savings. To yours
If you've been sucked into the coffee abyss and don't know how to get out, we have some tips for you.
Often, we automatically send most food to the refrigerator, thinking that this way we will extend their shelf life. Unfortunately, 100% of this applies only to milk and fermented milk products. Carrots, garlic, bananas, tomatoes - you should probably have some of these in your fridge right now. Rather, take it all out of the refrigerator to save the food.
In this article, learn more about We Prepare Vitamin Drinks To Strengthen The Body. Delicious drinks for every day that strengthen immunity and tone the body..
This article will talk about... not only steaks. If you are tired of regular chicken, pork or beef, you can diversify your diet with dishes from the black meat of the Indonesian healing chicken, the deadly fugu fish or the exquisite bone from a black pig grown in the sunny expanses of distant Spain.
If the word pancakes doesn't whet your appetite, we offer you analogues from around the world - all these dishes can easily be prepared at home.
Food is a basic human need, one of the basic conditions of its existence laid down by nature. Nutrition has a significant impact on a person's health, length and quality of life, his work capacity, physical and mental development, well-being and mood. Vitality and proper functioning depend on the amount of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements obtained from food
We all know that calcium is very important for health. Despite all this, many of us suffer from calcium deficiency. Its deficiency can be replenished with food. For your attention - products of animal and vegetable origin, rich in calcium.
If you come to a specialized tea shop, you can get lost among colorful boxes with a real miracle inside. Black with almond, vanilla, orange and spices. Green with the aroma of citrus, marzipan and caramel. White tea with the aroma of cherry blossoms. Sencha with almond, cardamom and jasmine. But the most special and still little known is Japanese tea
In this article, learn more about What To Cook With Eggs. The tastiest egg recipes you can imagine..
Every year, the US National Institutes of Health selects the most mysterious and little-studied plant that has the potential to help humanity. In 2008, such a plant was named moringa, which became the impetus for many studies. Let's find out what modern science has learned about the traditional Ayurvedic superfood in recent years.
Some food products have the ability to change the effect of medical drugs. People taking medication should know that there is a whole list of foods that are not recommended to be consumed during the course of treatment. Read more about what enhances the effect of medications, and what reduces the effectiveness of medications, and what can cause or increase side effects in general.
On March 20, 1986, the first McDonald's in Rome opened its doors in Piazza di Spagna. The employees of the Valentino atelier, who created high fashion in the elegant Via Gregoriana palazzo on the same square, were not at all happy about this. Valentino was not the only one who did not like the fast food restaurant opened in the center of Rome. In those days, several thousand Italians protested:
Power outages can affect the products in the refrigerator. The Public Health Center explained how to keep food safe for consumption.
Can you lose weight with chili peppers and gum? Nutritionists claim: to get rid of excess weight, you need to forget about fasting.
If you plan to eat the food within the next few days, it is best to store it in the refrigerator. And so that your products and dishes do not lose their properties, benefits and spoil even during this seemingly short period of time, you need to know the basic principles of proper storage of food in the refrigerator. Choosing conditions for storing products
Christmas is one of the most important and beloved holidays in the world. Every country has its own traditions of preparing and celebrating Christmas. Someone prepares a dessert a month before Christmas Eve so that it is infused, someone begins to choose the perfect fish and turkey, and someone plans the time to visit a fast food restaurant.
Freeganism (freeganism, free and vegan) is a lifestyle that denies the cult of consumerism. This movement is also known as dumpster diving. His followers feed on garbage cans and rummage through garbage containers. They are not homeless, and they are not unemployed. Many of them work as teachers, engineers and mechanics, live in their own houses and
Steak is a favorite dish of many gourmets, because where else can you feel the true taste of meat. There are several degrees of roasting meat. According to statistics, more than 60% of steaks in the world are consumed with medium-rare meat. How to determine the degree of readiness of meat to the touch - the infographic will tell.
Let's remember the Soviet dishes that could be seen and tasted on the New Year's table. And we will also remember how to cook them.
The main source of energy for the human body is food. The amount of energy depends not only on the amount of food, but also on the quality of its assimilation.
You can try as much as you like to invent magic pills for weight loss and subtract a certain number of calories from dinner, but the only effective way to quickly lose excess weight without harming your health is a balanced diet, active physical activity and self-control.
Sugar is the cause of excess weight, spoils the skin, vessel walls and contributes to premature aging. But why does the body still need sugar and how to eat it without harming beauty and health?
A child's body, which is growing and developing, needs strength for the great discoveries that happen to it every day. In order for a child to grow up healthy and active, his diet should be varied and balanced. Let's learn more about how to make the most useful children's menu.
Appearing in the 90s of the last century, the term megarexia quickly disappeared from clinical practice. However, after 30 years, it will probably have to be returned. Because tolerance and body positivity often have to be paid for with health.
In this article, learn more about How To Eat During Great Lent. How not to lose muscle mass and gain extra fat during Lent..
Avocado is a favorite fruit of many, but it is not always easy to find it, it is even more difficult to choose it - they often lie on the shelves unripe and hard. And yet this is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure, but only a matter of time and patience. Let's learn about how to choose avocados, what are the varieties that you should pay attention to and, of course, how to properly ripen
In terms of health benefits, beets can beat many expensive products and fashionable bio-additives. It is not for nothing that the ancient Persians and Assyrians considered beets a medicinal plant. Hippocrates, Cicero, and Avicenna appreciated its healing properties. What do we know about the root vegetable today, and what does modern science say about it?
If you want to eat more vegetables and fruits, lose weight, improve your health and help the planet, flexitarianism can be a good choice. It is not for nothing that this nutrition system has received favor and many favorable reviews.
In this article, learn more about How To Make Coffee More Useful. Here are some simple tips that will make your daily coffee super useful..
In this article, learn more about Food Trends Of 2023. What will the new year 2023 be and what are the main gastronomic trends?.
Fermentation has been practiced since ancient times. It is not for nothing that no Slavic feast was complete without sauerkraut, cucumbers and tomatoes. In particular, because fermentation is a long and time-consuming process that does not require any modern products and technologies. The principle of fermentation is similar to pickling, only the acids that preserve the product are special
The taster is a guarantor of the high quality of the products produced by the enterprise. Each taster works in his own "genre": some are experts in coffee and tea, some in spirits, some in cheeses or sweets. The taster evaluates the product at various stages of its production: raw materials, semi-finished products, finished samples.
Easter eggs, like any other traditional and symbolic holiday attributes, are associated with a huge number of beliefs and legends. According to one of them, the fate of our world directly depends on how many Easter cards will be painted each year. As long as people continue to write Easter eggs, the world exists. And when this custom is forgotten, the evil that lives under the ground is chained
There are products after which, on the contrary, drowsiness, lethargy and loss of energy come.
Let's analyze in detail the composition of energy workers. Having carefully studied what is included in energy products, one can draw one conclusion: there is nothing extremely harmful in them. The main thing is to drink energy drinks wisely - everything should be in moderation.
According to statistics, a person in the Netherlands drinks 2.4 cups of coffee per day. In Greece, France, Brazil and Belarus, the average coffee consumption is less than one cup per day, while Ukrainians drink 0.309 cups. And from an economic point of view, coffee occupies the second place in the world market, after oil. Let's look at the basic information, facts and curiosities about the drink.
Today, kitchen utensils are not only a necessity, but sometimes also a luxury. However, in reality, the importance of kitchen utensils cannot be ignored. Functional dishes are the key to a quickly and qualitatively prepared meal, and beautiful dishes are the key to an excellent appetite. Let's think about what can be done to optimize the costs of kitchen utensils and make this process economical, but
Artistic sports include rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and acrobatics. The main goal of the diet of artistic sports athletes is to maintain a relatively low body weight with a low percentage of fat at a constant level. Also, athletes should have a small volume of muscles, along with high functionality and plasticity. So, with a fairly low calorie content
The golden rule is to eat 2 hours before training. So the body will have enough fuel for work, and digestion processes will not distract from exercise. However, what to do if it was not possible to eat a full meal in advance? You can train on an empty stomach only in one case: if it is morning yoga or cardio, and you do not feel weak or dizzy during classes
Caring for bees is an activity that will suit those who are not afraid of these insects. This is outdoor work that can be done in good weather or during the weekend, thus combining with the main one.
The right snacks can help keep weight under control, if you choose healthy products that provide the body with the necessary nutrients and give a feeling of satiety and satisfaction. Let's find out what they are - the right snacks, and what are their benefits.
It is still unclear how a diet, the basic principles of which have been clearly and repeatedly described and studied, turned into a craze for olive oil in the general consciousness. But if the Mediterranean diet means a Greek salad with a glass of dry red for you, then it's time to remind yourself how the best official diet in the world actually works.
Recently, healthy food is gaining more and more popularity. More and more people prefer not fast food, but, say, gluten-free bread, fortified drinks, yogurts, etc. The healthy eating habits of a country are determined by traditions, location, mentality and other factors. Let's see with which products
Many people are still convinced that children cannot, in principle, like vegetables. Unfortunately, it is this stereotype that most often creates problems at the beginning of the journey, when the baby is just getting acquainted with various products. Young parents are often convinced that children need to be persuaded to like vegetables, persuaded or motivated by something to make it happen. In fact, the main thing you can do is not
Treating yourself to something delicious is one of the first thoughts that comes to mind in the list of pleasures that can cheer up or comfort. Why so? Because it is human nature to associate food with emotions, says Leslie Fraser, professor of psychology at Florida International University. According to the expert, from a psychological point of view, people can be divided into 4 types based on food consumption.
Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet is one of the main tasks of dietetics. Let's find out how to reduce sugar consumption and feel good at the same time.
A short daylight, a frost that pinches the nose, pre-New Year hustle and bustle - the main reasons why it is more difficult to monitor nutrition in the cold season. The craving for sweet, fragrant pastries and hot cocoa with marshmallows becomes much stronger than the desire to eat a vegetable salad. Here is a list of winter foods - most of them are much healthier and
Awareness today is the most important achievement for everyone concerned about their own health, mental and physical. Mindfulness practice can be applied to any process involving the body and mind, including the consumption and digestion of food. Satisfying hunger, guided by intuitive needs, is a very useful habit for improving the quality of life, and the transition to
You can talk a lot about the nutrition of models and their lifestyle: review diet options, discuss the use of vegetable or animal products, their quantity, quality, etc. That is why the general rules of nutrition, which are observed by almost all models in everyday life, are collected below.
It is difficult to name a breakfast that is more useful than oatmeal. Whole grain saturates with fiber and protein, ensuring satiety throughout the morning. Oatmeal is just the perfect canvas for various flavor combinations. Supplement your morning oatmeal with the following ingredients to make your porridge even healthier.
Today, let's take a look at some popular foods that are bad choices for breakfast. If you eat this food in the morning regularly, it can lead not only to a deterioration of well-being during the day, but also to the emergence of serious health problems.
An active lifestyle, a Mediterranean diet, regular meditation, and constant learning are good, but not the only, ways to maintain brain health well into old age. In addition to the obvious - getting enough sleep, calming down, taking a break from the phone - there are other methods of improving productivity and creativity. For example, feeding the brain with its favorite treats. It is not about
Adherents of Ayurveda are sure that it is easier to prevent any disease than to treat it. That is why Ayurvedic doctors offer a large arsenal of means for the prevention of diseases and strengthening of immunity, as well as for the recovery of the body after an illness, which is especially relevant during the aggravation of the coronavirus pandemic. Let's learn how with the help of principles
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Pickling is one of the oldest, time-tested methods of food preservation. Its effectiveness lies in the effect of acid, which at a certain concentration does not allow the development of mold and bacteria that lead to product spoilage. Housewives and cooks value this category of products due to its long shelf life. Actually, it is high conservation
"Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper" - the saying is known to many. And not for nothing. As we know, as nutritionists everywhere say: breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. Every country has its own traditional breakfasts that help its inhabitants start their day. The infographic will tell about the most common of them.
Sleep disorders are a disease of every second modern resident of the metropolis. Let's find out what changes you need to make in your menu to get rid of insomnia, as well as what to pay special attention to in order to improve the quality of sleep.
The intense heat does not subside, and such weather can pose a health hazard. How to protect yourself from heat and sunstroke and how much fluid to consume to avoid dehydration?
A fairly common, but erroneous belief of the majority of the population is that a frugal diet cannot be beneficial. However, in order to eat healthy, it is enough to balance your diet according to the content of nutrients. After all, we can safely assure that a healthy diet is always more economical than disordered food consumption, without thinking about what we eat and without rationing
There is no clear scientific definition of what a superfood is. This is the name given to products with the maximum content of vitamins, minerals and useful substances.
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Which soldier fights better - full or hungry? The First World War did not give an unequivocal answer to this important question. On the one hand, indeed, the soldiers of Germany, which lost, were fed much more modestly than the armies of most opponents. At the same time, throughout the war, it was the German troops who repeatedly inflicted devastating defeats on armies that were fed better and more refined.
The aesthetic abilities of a cheese plate should not be underestimated. Cheese is one of the important items on the shopping list for the holiday table and party.
Valentine's Day gifts and sweets are usually the main gifts. How to quickly prepare and pleasantly impress your chosen ones, read below.
For several years now, Japanese matcha tea has been gaining the reputation of a classic in the bar menu of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in big cities. In some of them, guests are offered not only the traditional matcha latte, but also matcha raff, matcha with spices, yuzu (Japanese half mandarin, half lemon), salted caramel, pistachio, rosemary, lavender, etc. Smaller coffee shops are mostly on the menu of establishments
Let's prepare simple, aromatic and tasty dishes with the most popular cereal - buckwheat.
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Even Hippocrates believed that "food should be medicine, and medicine should be food." So, we can think that blueberries help with myopia. After all, the miraculous cure for depression with the help of chocolate truffles has happened to everyone at least once, right? This is how we get used to trust life experience. However, sometimes it is useful to look at the healing power of food in a different way
In France, snails are rarely cooked at home, most often they go to a restaurant for this delicacy. Let's learn how to properly cook and eat snails.
Modern principles of a healthy lifestyle are based on 2 postulates. The first of them says that the body is a complex system in which each element affects the others. In matters of health, physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mental state are equally important. The second reminds that it is better to prevent diseases than to cure them. These principles are not new. Folk Indian medicine
There are only a few hours left until the New Year. We offer you an alternative to champagne - cocktails based on sparkling wine.
Many people notice that extra weight often appears in winter. It is traditionally believed that this cannot be avoided: after all, man belongs to the animal world, and animals stock up on fat in the winter so as not to freeze. Should you follow your instincts, or should you make a diet in such a way as to keep your weight under control?
Beekeeping is a very promising branch of agriculture, connected with many others, as it affects the process of pollination of plants and productivity in general. Ten leading countries in honey production and export in the world: China, USA, Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia, India, Ethiopia, Spain.
If from time to time you want to drink a glass of sweet water, but in general you follow a rational diet and drink enough water, most likely there is no reason to worry. But if sugary sodas are replacing coffee, tea and a glass of water in the morning, it's time to do something.
In some regions of Ukraine, the so-called "dry law" is in effect. during martial law. In short, this is due to the fact that during the war, all people have to think soberly. The Center for Public Health explained in detail why it is necessary to give up alcoholic beverages when there is a war in the country.
Menu planning allows you to save not only money, but also time. Knowing what will be cooking in the next week or two, you can make a shopping list and buy all the necessary products at once.
How to eat sushi correctly, why wet towels are needed and when it's time to eat ginger - let's find out together with the experts.
Usual combinations of products with milk, which are better to limit in your diet.
Apparently, there is no housewife who would never make jam. This product is a favorite winter product, natural, tasty and quite easy to prepare. In addition, jam is universal. It can be eaten alone, with tea and bread, and. Also, use in the preparation of other desserts and pastries. Also, jam is valued for being a way of long-term storage
Each of us has at least once sinned with an extra cookie from the box or an extra scoop of ice cream from the bucket, even after we knew we had had enough. And although sugar plays an important role in providing the body with energy necessary for life, its excessive amount can lead to some serious side effects, and as a result - an irresistible craving for sweets.
Bulgarian cuisine adopted the best traditions of Byzantine cooking. Her recipes are known to many Slavic housewives. Bulgarian dishes are characterized by their originality. Local residents try to preserve their culinary traditions, despite the influence of other peoples. By the way, “Delicious!” in Bulgarian it will be "Good appetite! (Dobãr apetit)".
The brain controls every aspect of our life - thoughts, movements, feelings. For this, he constantly needs energy, which we get from food. That is why it is important to pay attention to what we eat: the choice of food products has a direct effect on the main organ of the body - the brain. Let's learn more about how exactly the stomach and the brain are connected, and what kind of food our brain needs.
Water plays an important role in many physiological, metabolic and even mental functions of the body. Its consumption in all possible forms before training, during a run and restoration of water balance after, is important for the prevention of sudden changes in blood composition, regulation of the cardiovascular system, muscle metabolism and thermoregulation. For this there are drinks that
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Do you start every morning with a cup of fresh coffee? Or ordering a double espresso in a hurry on the way to work? Or maybe you consider yourself a coffee enthusiast and are happy to taste all the trendy novelties of coffee shops, from Coldbrew to Bronekava? In whatever form coffee is present in your life, you should get to know the drink better to know how useful these or other coffees are.
Choosing oysters is an interesting and difficult task. Let's find out how to deal with it.
So you finally listened to the calls to drink more water. They bought a 5-liter bottle, hung it in a prominent place in the room or office, and set a reminder on their phone about regular water consumption. And now think carefully: drinking water according to the regime really corresponds to the needs of your body or are you drinking because of force? Let's find out how to determine where the line between
Each type of sport makes its own demands on the human body, since it is impossible to adapt the nutrition of an athlete to some single model and consider that the work is done. For example, even a little extra fat will hinder a gymnast, but will not harm a weightlifter at all, or will not cause discomfort to a swimmer. In professional sports, the diet is selected individually, depending on the characteristics
Let's find out what you need to know about sugar so that it stops being your enemy and turns into a pleasant addition to the diet.
Cooking, which has recently become quite a popular hobby, is not only a good opportunity to spend time with the family, but also an opportunity to train your skills and diversify the menu of home breakfasts and dinners. And to simplify this process as much as possible, you can buy a couple of useful gadgets for the kitchen. Of course, you can do without them, but cooking with them is much more pleasant.
Let's find out all the details of the 5:2 nutrition system, which guarantees a stable and noticeable result.
The ideal kitchen is not one that is lucky enough to have the right amount of square footage or a set of silverware. This is a place where everything inspires you to cook and eat healthy. And the list of things needed for this is far from as long as advertising convinces us. It should be based on a fresh, informed view of nutrition as a fundamental tool for health and well-being.
Proper nutrition is important for many aspects of health and well-being. Physical activity is no exception. Choosing the right diet is important not only to increase the effectiveness of sports, but also to feel good after exercise. Let's find out what eating habits can interfere with training, and how to fix it.
Today, on the Internet, glossy publications and numerous books, you can find a huge amount of information about how to eat right, lose weight and quickly get in perfect shape. Some of the theories are supported by many nutritionists, however, not all of them are true and so unambiguous. Let's find out which common ideas about healthy eating should be questioned.
The refrigerator is the only place in the house where we can store purchased products and ready meals. Space in the refrigerator is limited, and the shelf life of prepared dishes is not infinite. A special problem arises with small portions of leftover food. One portion of porridge or a few cutlets or boiled vermicelli remained - transferred it to a small bowl or container - and
Mushrooms can be called a truly unique phenomenon. For a long time, scientists argued about where to attribute this "miracle of nature" - to plants or to animals. As a result, a compromise was found in 1960: mushrooms were separated into a separate "kingdom".
Do you live with the belief that boiled Brussels sprouts and broccoli are tasteless? Are you telling everyone that green vegetables taste like an overcooked piece of rag? You just ate them the wrong way!
You've probably heard of the so-called Blue Zones, located in 5 different communities around the world, known for having the most residents living over 100 years. You don't have to live in the blue zone to have a long life. Of course, genetics plays not the least role in longevity, but healthy eating and lifestyle habits significantly increase the chances of living
Let's find out where to find such a dish as posykunchik and what they eat shilpildok with.
Coffee belongs to the category of goods that, with an almost identical appearance at first glance, can differ significantly in quality and price. This led to the appearance of tasters and the tasting process itself, also known as "capping". In order to describe all the taste characteristics of coffee, you need to start a separate dictionary, because a cup of aromatic drink contains several
Food for runners isn't just oatmeal and bananas. This is a healthy and varied menu, compiled with the aim of optimal consumption of substances necessary for the body at the right time. When a runner wants to maintain muscle tone, speed up the recovery process and saturate the body with useful trace elements and salts, speed up metabolism, burn fat and increase endurance, he can enrich
A lamb has long been considered a sacrificial animal. That is why on the Easter table it is a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the name of the forgiveness of human sins. Another traditional dish for Easter is an Easter lamb made of dough. Over the years, many recipes for this dish have appeared, each housewife chooses the one she likes the most, often making her own adjustments. Most often
Let's learn about the most harmful combinations of products that are better to avoid.
Like many other similar holidays, Valentine's Day has rather murky origins. Nevertheless, it is customary to celebrate this day with loved ones, giving each other valentines, candies, flowers and other gifts and not forgetting to tell about your love. Valentine's Day is not complete without a romantic dinner. Everyone has their own food preferences, but you can
Fresh greens often hit your pocket in winter. It costs a lot, and some of your favorite dishes are not available fresh. Some spices can be bought in dried form in supermarkets, but it is much more pleasant and useful to use fresh herbs, moreover, grown by yourself. In addition, you can grow not only greens on the home garden. And some species
Let's find out how harmful bread really is, as well as how much bread can be eaten without harming the figure and health. Yes, there are many carbohydrates in bread, but this does not make it absolutely evil.
If you think about food 24/7 and can't resist the temptation to eat a cake at night, consider the following tips on how to overcome the urge.
In 2017, Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for describing some aspects of autophagy. What is it about and what does it give?
Hydration. This is one of the most important conditions for maintaining health, well-being and maintaining the proper functioning of the body's natural processes. It doesn't take much effort to stay hydrated: just drink plenty of fluids, right? Yes, but not just any liquid will do. Especially in summer, when the days are getting hotter.
Let's be honest: digestive problems are no fun at all. Poor digestion can lead to bloating, heaviness and stomach pain. And if it all started in the morning, then such symptoms can spoil the whole day. Digestive problems can be caused by several factors related to your eating habits. Let's learn more about habits and products that
Interest in Georgian wine is constantly growing, and restaurants make up entire wine lists exclusively from Georgian wines.
Our ideas about healthy eating are changing rapidly. Let's take a look at the latest trends in nutrition.VegetablesVegetables play an increasingly important role in the daily diet. And it is not only about the spread of vegetarianism in general. Even vegans are leaning toward strictly vegetarian days and increasingly reducing their intake of animal proteins. Both restaurants and chains
No breakfast of Ludwig van Beethoven was complete without coffee. He prepared an invigorating drink at dawn with great enthusiasm. I counted out exactly 60 grains individually to guarantee the perfect taste, crushed them and boiled them in boiling water. Now you can make coffee by pressing just 1 button. And yet, for many, this drink is not just an easy way to cheer up in the morning, but also
Many people like to relax in the evening with a glass of wine or drink a beer while watching the game with friends on the weekend. In most cases, we don't even think about this choice. Drinking alcohol in moderation is usually not a cause for concern (and may even have benefits). If this habit becomes regular or even daily, you should pay attention to the fact that
Spices are a great way to diversify your food. However, we don't always know what to do with spices, to what they can be added to improve the taste, and not vice versa, how to combine them to get a fragrant bouquet. The infographic will tell about all this.
Dietetics mainly deals with two issues — either a balanced diet for various diseases, or making a diet for those who are losing weight. It is traditionally believed that mushrooms are heavy, coarse, non-dietary, almost dangerous food. Indeed, in the practice of domestic nutritionists, mushrooms are absent as such. Although this is not true, which becomes quite clear if we look at the proof
Many believe that foods that contain carbohydrates are the main cause of excess weight. However, in reality, some types of carbohydrates are simply necessary for our body. For your attention, products that will help turn carbohydrates into muscles, and not into fat.
School does not teach first-graders how to eat properly while studying. And parents probably have questions related to the diet of young schoolchildren.
As a valentine for Valentine's Day, there can be not only ordinary gifts and chocolates, but also delicious dishes prepared from the heart. Surprisingly, almost everything can be prepared in the shape of a heart: scrambled eggs, pizza, salad, sushi, not to mention desserts and cakes.
It can often take at least a few months to see results from some dietary and lifestyle decisions—for example, losing weight or building muscle. But if you decide to give up alcohol, some noticeable changes can be felt after a month.
For your attention, a selection of gifts that will definitely appeal to everyone who loves to cook, eat and simply admire food.
Let's try to find out the clear and uncorrupted truth: is breakfast healthy or not?
Everyone, especially young children, loves sweet sodas. Packed with sugar, additives and caffeine to enhance the taste, they offer us a variety of flavors and colors to increase their appeal. This infographic shows exactly how sweet carbonated drinks affect our body and what harm they can cause. Next time, before buying a colored one
By choosing nutrient-dense ingredients such as whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, you can make healthy sandwiches that are perfect for a healthy breakfast, as well as a snack at work, school or on the go. For your attention, delicious combinations that will help you get out of bed quickly to recharge with energy for a vigorous day.
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Doing sports, counting calories, refusing to eat after 18:00 - all this is in your daily routine, but excess weight remains in place, and losing even 100 g is very difficult? Most likely, weight loss is hindered by chronic inflammation present in the body.
Feeling hungry is, of course, natural. But sometimes it is very difficult to keep yourself in shape, especially if he is emotional. Let's remember a few tips that will help to cope with the feeling of hunger.
Bread for everything. And to give it up just because it makes you fat is unwise. All the more so, because it is not all bread that makes you fat. Let's find out what kind of bread can be consumed during the diet. It does not make you fat, and everyone who follows the principles of healthy eating can safely eat it.
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Apparently, somewhere in the coils of human DNA is embedded the need to sit on the grass and drink bread and wine. A set of picnic foods can be anything, but taking off your shoes, exposing your face to the good weather and concentrating on chewing, swallowing and licking your fingers - that's what really matters.
In the modern pace of life, at lunchtime we are most often away from home — at school or at work. However, daily meals in cafes or restaurants cost a penny and, unfortunately, are not always affordable. How to minimize the cost of lunch without starving and without resorting to extreme measures to save, but without feeling deprived? Let's figure it out.
With the onset of hot days, our favorite cider returns. Meet the new flavor from the Carlsberg Ukraine company - "Somersby Mango-Lime Flavor".
I don't eat anything, but I'm still getting fat! It is enough just to look at the sweets, and immediately +2 kg! Who has not heard this from people who are forever losing weight and complain that they have thick bones? And maybe we ourselves are like that. Let's try to figure out whether there is still a genetic predisposition to excess weight?
The beneficial properties of nuts have been known to man for a long time, because they are a valuable source of vegetable protein, "good" fats and some amino acids. In addition, all nuts are very tasty and have a pleasant crunch (and thereby improve the consumer's mood). In the "nut" section of the store, or on the trays with "oriental sweets", the eyes run wild from the wide assortment of nuts, so it's time for at least a little
There are plenty of reasons to drink alcohol: dinner with friends after work, celebrating the successes of loved ones, toasting the start of a vacation, and just wanting to relax. If it happens from time to time, especially if it is a glass of red wine, then it will not have much effect on healthy people. However, excessive and frequent consumption of alcohol causes damage to the main ones
Salt is an important part of the diet. As an electrolyte, it is essential for maintaining homeostasis in the body, allowing many functions to function properly. However, if you consume too much salt, it can throw the body out of balance and cause several unpleasant side effects.
The impeccable appearance of the models is a source of admiration for some, envy for some, and for some it is another push and inspiration to work on yourself, your appearance, beauty and health. It is for this category of readers that we offer this selection about the diet of several famous models.
The liver is the toxicological center of the body, it helps the body to remove harmful waste substances, neutralizing toxins, poisons, drugs, preservatives and other chemicals that get inside. Sometimes the liver needs help and a diet should be followed to allow the organ to recover.
Let's remind ourselves once again about the dangers of excess sugar for the body, whether there is a safe dose of this product and whether we should give up sugar altogether.
Breakfast is fuel for our day, a charge for the body and brain. So how do you get the most out of breakfast?
Sushi is a very tasty dish that is very popular today. Unfortunately, many people do not know the basic rules of etiquette for sushi consumption, which will become clear after reading this infographic. After reading this infographic, you can safely go to a sushi bar, order your favorite sushi and practically consolidate the acquired knowledge.
Specialists call psychobiotics live microorganisms in the composition of the intestinal microflora, the correct proportions of which have a positive effect on mental health. Let's find out which foods and bacteria will help to cope with negative emotions.
The winter holidays are approaching, making the question relevant: how to worthily endure a multi-day marathon of endless toasts and hearty snacks? Here are some life hacks that will help you avoid excessive hedonism and hangover symptoms.
Wine tasting consists of 3 consecutive stages: first, visual, or visual, second, olfactory, or olfactory, and third, taste. The first two stages involve two independent sense organs — the eyes and the nose, and the third stage involves four sense organs — the eyes, nose, taste buds, and touch.
What to do with an attractive refrigerator, snacks and portion sizes on Karatina.
Cheese is present in the national cuisines of most peoples of the world, and it is difficult to imagine the menu of a decent restaurant without it. Cheese is one of the best sources of proteins and animal fats for humans. Cheese is a joy for the stomach and a passion of any gourmet. What are the main types of cheese and what are they eaten with - briefly and clearly in the infographic.
You won't surprise anyone with Asian and Georgian cuisine in Ukraine. Even more so in Italian. Now it's time for something new. Let's learn more about Dutch cuisine.
We all know that a lack of vitamins leads to vitamin deficiency. Just as an excess of vitamins does not bring anything good. Today, let's learn more about vitamin PP: it is very important, in particular for the female body.
First, sugar and gluten are sent to the black list, followed by dairy products and meat, and then fruits are banished (they provoke insulin resistance). The diet is getting poorer, and the focus on the purity of food is increasing. Let's find out why an obsession with proper nutrition can be much more harmful than a piece of pie on a plate.
There are more and more Ukrainian producers of products for vegetarians, vegans and those interested in natural and healthy nutrition. You can try plant-based products, animal-free pastries, cheeses and wines, snacks and much more. Let's find out what products to buy, as well as what to cook with them.
In this article, learn more about The Most Useful Combinations Of Products. The most useful combinations of products for supporters of a healthy lifestyle..
10 years ago, you could find hummus only in restaurants of oriental cuisine or in Israel, Lebanon or Tunisia itself. Today, Michelin-starred chefs, vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, athletes, gourmets and those who want to lose weight cannot imagine their menu without this dish. The secret of such success is not just luck, but the unique characteristics of hummus.
In this article, learn more about What You Need To Know About Calories. Do you need to count calories to lose weight?.
Nutritional problems can be very diverse. When such problems arise, do not self-medicate, but consult a specialist. Among the doctors dealing directly with the problems of the digestive organs and their functioning, the following specialties can be distinguished: a gastroenterologist and a hepatologist. Very often, the cause of problems with nutrition, digestion and assimilation of food is
After a bad night's sleep, many people begin to play the blame game, looking for the cause of insomnia in stress at work, blue radiation from gadgets, or their partners in bed who are constantly tossing and turning. However, there is another common reason that can cause sleep problems: a late dinner or snack. It turns out that what we decide to eat before going to bed can be crucial for
Meat is primarily a source of protein. But sometimes you just want to take a break from it or change your diet to a more low-calorie one.
Let's find out how much sugar can be consumed without harming health and figure.
Chinese cuisine has many fans all over the world, and it is not at all surprising that in our modern kitchens, housewives who are used to using fashionable blenders, slow cookers and other accessories will find a wok pan. Now on store shelves you can find many different models of this pan, only remotely similar to the first copies. How to choose the right wok and for what
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In our time, folk methods of treatment, folk medicine are quite deservedly at the peak of popularity. Folk medicine is a part of non-traditional medicine, which is a system of paramedical knowledge acquired empirically, and is based on knowledge about the disease, methods and means of its treatment, which are passed down among the people from generation to generation and have deep historical roots.
How much has already been written about foods that improve brain function. And almost all the useful options from the list have already been added to the diet, but for some reason there are still no significant improvements in terms of memory and brain performance? What's wrong? What was not taken into account? Let's try to understand this issue.
Group of Companies, a well-known manufacturer of "energy-charged" drinks and snacks, presents a tasty and nutritious novelty - a natural grain bar EatMe™ with rhubarb and cherry. An interesting taste mix, a vitamin-rich composition, the power of whole grains - a real Klondike of benefits and pleasure for everyone who likes to savor life and at the same time remain in perfect health
Let's try to figure out how fat accumulates in the body, and how to avoid it. After all, many enthusiastically start experiments on their own body, however, few people think about how the body actually gains weight.
Let's find out what useful products would be rational to add to your diet - they are stored for a long time and are not very expensive, which means that you will not have to go to the store often.
When it comes to health risks that lead to premature death, cardiovascular disease is the most common for both men and women. But there is good news: you can do a lot on your own to prevent them (we're talking about lifestyle and diet), even if you have a family history of heart disease. Let's find out more.
Sociologists asked why they do not leave abroad or even leave their homes during the war.
Do you think intuitive and mindful eating are the same thing? There are many similarities, but still.
In this article, learn more about How To Eat Khinkali Correctly. Can you eat tails from khinkali and do you need to order tkemali with them..
Let's find out which products and dishes it is better to refuse in a restaurant.
If you lead a healthy lifestyle and try to follow a proper diet, you probably have vegetable oils in your diet. Previously, olive oil was considered the most useful, but not so long ago it had a serious competitor - coconut oil, which is rapidly gaining popularity among followers of healthy eating. Let's find out what the benefits of both oils are, and whether it is possible to name one
Not all people have problems with excess weight, thin people are also not always satisfied with their bodies, in particular when the weight deficit reaches the border with dystrophy. And here we are talking not so much about the beauty and attractiveness of the figure, but about the health of the whole body. Sometimes it is necessary to follow a special diet in order to gain weight.
It probably won't be news to anyone that protein should be in the diet: it makes you feel full, helps you build muscle instead of fat, and some studies show that protein can speed up your metabolism and ultimately help you lose weight . And while meat is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of high-protein food sources, there are some plant-based foods that contain
Most often we hear about professional wine tasters. Unfortunately, much less is known about tea tasters. A tea taster works in the tea industry at the tea selection stage. This is quite a difficult task, which is suitable for people who are endowed with a sensitive tongue and good intuition. The tea taster carefully tastes variety after variety, selecting only the best ones
As part of the initiative, small and medium-sized businesses in the HoReCa channel have the opportunity to receive a restart-kit from the Nestle Professional division in Ukraine, which will help entrepreneurs get out of quarantine in a shorter time and with smaller financial investments.
The festive table will delight you with a variety of traditional Halloween food from pumpkins, apples and nuts, as well as spooky and original dishes. For example, a traditional Scottish pie is not only a tasty bonus of the Halloween holiday, but also a means of divination on this mysterious day. And what to say about various pumpkin pies and cupcakes - no holiday is complete without them
There is less and less left until the New Year holidays, because the question of how to get in shape quickly is becoming more urgent. Many people turn to express methods for help. However, exhausting training and strict diets will not give you a cherished shape in 2-3 weeks, but problems with health and well-being are quite likely. Let's learn more about how not to
Business Nutrition: on more than 900 food stores, 35 markets and about 460 cafes were open in the city.
It would seem that it is impossible to prepare a smoothie incorrectly: it is enough to put any fruits and berries in a blender and beat them. If you look at the smoothie from the point of view of modern nutrition, it turns out that not all drinks are equally useful. To make a morning smoothie nutritious and useful, you should approach its preparation wisely.
Many products that have a positive effect on health can be found in your local supermarket. Here is a list of the most useful foods that you should add to your diet today if you want to get the most out of your food.
Metabolism is one of the most popular topics when it comes to nutrition and health. It probably won't be news to anyone that metabolic rate directly affects weight loss and weight loss. What is metabolism and can it be influenced by diet?
You can never have too many snacks. After all, how can you imagine watching an exciting football match or a movie night without something delicious. From the previous article, we already know several recipes for snacks that will please both our friends and ourselves - If you want something new - for your attention top-8 recipes with the preparation of which
Recently, the keto diet, which promises to live long and think fast, has not lost its popularity. One of the controversial issues when following such a nutrition system is how useful fruits are, and whether they prevent weight loss.
Often, in our daily worries, we do not have time to eat. Many people are sure that it is not worth having dinner after 18, and in the evening, when they come home hungry, they wonder: should they eat at night or wait for breakfast? Let's find out which products are better to choose for a late dinner so as not to gain extra weight.
In order to provide farmers with financial resources, the government adopted the relevant resolution on compensation of the interest rate on borrowed loans. This was announced by the Minister of Agrarian Policy, Roman Leshchenko.
The easiest way to make your skin glow is with makeup. But you can go another way. You can get good skin and maintain its health thanks to proper nutrition. Pay attention to seasonal and, if possible, organic products. They will become the correct basis of the diet for healthy skin. Also, proper nutrition and moderate physical activity will help not only for beauty
Unfortunately, the habit of fighting a bad mood with a bucket of ice cream, as well as recharging the internal battery with sugary drinks and bars, can lead not only to excess weight. The problem is much more serious, because this type of food significantly affects metabolism. And if you feel addicted to your eating habits, then it's time to pump up your metabolism
Emotional or compulsive overeating is a problem that arises against the background of chronic anxieties and troubles. Jenny Miremadi, a nutritionist at the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic), admits that because of the pandemic, emotional overeating is flourishing more than ever. For your attention, the main steps to overcome the problem of compulsive overeating.
Sterilization of canned goods is the main and final stage of food preservation and consists in the heat treatment of the product, which ensures the complete destruction of heat-resistant bacteria and the reduction of the number of spore-forming microorganisms to a safe level that will allow long-term storage of the product. At a temperature of 100°C, the microflora is completely killed, with the exception of spores, which
A healthy lifestyle is one of the most popular topics not only for conversations, but also for searches on the Internet. Let's deal with the next myths about proper nutrition.
Anyone can feel like a real chef, the main thing is to have the right tools at hand. What exactly - we will find out later.
Our penchant for umami—the only recently recognized “fifth taste” after salty, sweet, sour, and bitter—is a fascinating part of gastronomic evolution. Just a few years ago, research confirmed that our mouths contain taste receptors for this relatively new savory taste (the other four “basic tastes” have been prevalent for several
Would you like coffee (tea) with sugar? Today, an ordinary polite question sounds almost like a provocation. Not every day the popular science press provides us with new evidence that our favorite refined sugar is dangerous for health - not to mention what a disaster it is for the figure.
Today, people are presented with a wide selection of various restaurants where you can not only eat deliciously, but also relax. However, each of them has its own requirements and rules, and, accordingly, its own pricing policy. The restaurant is the highest link in the catering system. The word "cafe" refers to establishments of different levels. Prices for meals in cafes are usually not
In 1944, 36 young men took part in a "starvation" experiment conducted by Dr. Ansel Keys in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After 6 months of starvation, the participants of the Minnesota experiment lost almost ¼ of their body weight. Their average weight was 52 kg. The rehabilitation period began on July 29, 1945.
Can we eat a bagel regularly and without risk? Is a traditional baguette better? Is whole wheat bread always better than white?
Aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin, the "fake" sugars used in many foods or beverages, interfere with gut microbiota, increasing the risk of digestive disorders, glucose intolerance, and metabolic disease.
5 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 to 8 servings of grains, up to 2 servings of dairy products... Dietary recommendations are intended to help us adopt an optimal diet. how much is?
By law, manufacturers are required to put an expiration date on all food products in case there is a problem. But as a precaution, industrial holding periods are underrated...and sometimes not very helpful.
We believe that quality is more important than quantity: the main thing is to choose the right food sources.
The current diet does not always cover the needs of micronutrients. Population studies clearly show this. But it is possible to optimize.
In the first half of pregnancy, when the fetus is still small, the nutrition of the expectant mother does not require any special changes.
Food additives were introduced in the early 20th century to meet the demands of food manufacturers who wanted their products to last longer, look better or taste better.
An important role of therapeutic nutrition in the complex therapy of kidney diseases is determined by pronounced metabolic disorders, possible violations of the digestive organs.
The lack of them in the body is serving a metabolic disorder and a general deterioration in health. Vitamins are found mainly in plants, through food chains they enter the body of humans.
In pseudo-scientific movies and fantasy stories about astronauts, the question of food is usually presented as the simplest of all problems.
Obesity is a widespread disease associated with excessive deposition of fat in the body. It proceeds with a profound metabolic disorder, and a number of internal and external factors play an important role in the emergence and development of obesity.
One of the main reasons for the emergence and development of diseases today is our ignorance of nutrition and diet selection, the lack of basic knowledge about nutrients, food, diet menu preparation.
Obesity is a chronic disease in which there is an accumulation of excess amounts of adipose tissue in the body.
The first years of human life are characterized by rapid physical changes in the body, which requires a special approach to nutrition. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, infancy, childhood and adolescence, our needs for many nutrients are greater than at any other time in life.
Dietary nutrition plays an important role in the complex therapy of respiratory diseases. It is built individually, taking into account the nature of the underlying process and its pathogenetic mechanisms, complications and concomitant diseases.
Good nutrition depends on the qualitative composition of food, its mass and volume, culinary processing and intake regimen. Therapeutic nutrition of patients. Get 15+ healthy diets.
Nutrition for the elderly should be both healthy and tasty. According to the United Nations, older persons are those over 60 years of age.
The number of supporters of separate nutrition has been rapidly increasing, and the voices of opponents, who sometimes give very reasonable arguments, are drowning in the general enthusiastic chorus. We will try to figure out the pros and cons of this type of food.
Knowledge of the patterns of aging development makes it possible to predict the occurrence of such diseases as atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease a,nd brain disease, diabetes mellitus, and cancer.
Acute intestinal infection is a collective concept. This includes intestinal infections caused by viruses, as well as bacterial toxins. Therapeutic nutrition for intestinal infections.
Poor nutrition is the cause of more than 80 different diseases. Especially great is the detrimental effect of poor nutrition in early childhood, when there are intensive growth processes and the formation and improvement of many organs and systems.
The connection between what we eat and our health has long been well known, and most people today understand that their diet affects the body in one way or another.
As well as identifying the most preferred methods for collecting and analyzing information about the state of tastes and preferences of buyers.
Inadequate intake of essential micronutrients is a global problem. Lack of iron, zinc, iodine and selenium leads to poor digestion and more.
The correct combination of foods facilitates digestion and has a beneficial effect on the general health of the body.
Improper conduct of the child's upbringing during this period would lead to an error in building cultural and hygienic and nutritional habits.
The term bodybuilding means body culture. Bodybuilding uses weights, dumbbells, and machines. This is how bodybuilders should eat.
Еating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder, seriously impact health. Learn about symptoms and treatments.
Substances that are added to food to maintain or improve the safety, freshness, taste, texture, or appearance of food are known as Food additives.
A food allergy is a condition in which the body reacts negatively to the food it eats. It is an immune system response to a dietary protein.
Average energy requirements were determined based on median height and median body weight values.
Nutritional advice for school-aged children. The nutrition of school-aged children is extremely important for the development of the body.
The small intestine absorbs most of the nutrients in your food, and your circulatory system passes them on to other parts of your body to store or use. Special cells help absorbed nutrients cracross the intestinal lining into your bloodstream.
The stomach is the first digestive organ. For this reason, it should be spared, even in the absence of disease, by reducing the consumption of highly irritating foods.
Food is the main source of energy and the main plastic material necessary for building the body of a professional athlete.
Nutrition is a basic life process related to the reception, processing and assimilation of food from the environment, the proper growth and development of the body.
There are many cute bottles with oils from nuts, seeds, and olives on store shelves, and you want to buy them all. But is it really worth it? When the label says "vegetable", "natural", "contains vitamins", the hand is drawn to put the product in the basket. Often these words are associated with health and longevity - and indeed they can be. However, even in such an unambiguous on
The food must be delivered on time and be of appropriate consistency and composition depending on the patient's illness and condition.
The provision of rational nutrition for athletes practicing various types of sports or sports disciplines, in addition to the energy content of the food. Nutrition for sports and exercise.
Nutrition during infancy and childhood is one of the most important factors determining the normal growth and development of a child.
Let's find out how to choose the right caviar and to which dishes it should be added.
A selection for those who, for some reason, have decided to reduce their consumption of classic coffee or give it up altogether, but still want to stay energetic. Spoiler - we will not mention chicory and tea.
In this guide, you will learn about the digestion process. Learn what benefits nutrition and the role of diets.
The relationship between ethanol (alcohol) and nutrition is very complex and controversial. Here's what the experts say.
Hypovitaminosis or avitaminosis is a pathological condition that occurs in the body with insufficient intake of one or several vitamins.
The body needs a certain amount of energy and nutrients to live fully.
Pregnancy is a physiological state that places greater demands on a woman's body. Including proper diet and controlled nutrition.
In diseases related to the bile and liver, diet therapy is the basis of treatment.
Dietary nutrition is a particularly important factor not only for the so-called a healthy lifestyle, but it also depends on the field of work.
People with diabetes are also more likely to have other conditions that raise the risk for heart disease: High blood pressure increases the force of blood through your arteries and can damage artery walls.
Due to immaturity and reduced functions of the digestive and excretory system, the most suitable food for him is his mother's breast milk during the first three months of a child's life.
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